Heli Lounge Bar KL

If you ever pass by and read on any article on the internet saying
it's a romantic bar at KL...please..i really mean it. you gonna THINK.TWICE.
Gosh, who the hell make this kind of statement saying that
"It's a must go place", "Romantic places to visit".

Please, bare with me. It's not like i'm there with my Mr right (nah uh..)
i'm there with ma girls !! Screw it !
I feel so cheated you ever want to read this twice.
I mean it's super commercial, not only that. What the heck make you think
they have spacious space is a wrong thinking. They had this staircase lead you
up with dirty dirty dirty dirty and yes dirty walls and stairs.
Plus, there's only like 6-7 table at there ?
You must understand, you can go up there chill with your bloody drinks
but if there's no table it means you may stand. 
It's may sound nice to you, standing zone.
Which means you have to stand all around whenever you find a spot
for you to show you butt facing people head. I mean it.

Everything was bad. No food on helipad,
no chairs, stuck everywhere you can with your butt,
steal chairs if you can, whatever you do, you will be dying for a table on the spot.
Or they just hush you to be away from the safety line.

Now what i can do when i have to reacting to such problem?
Keep calm and find a spot for yourself, snap few photo, and there it goes the rain.

From left : Pricila , MissBurung Hantu and Me !

Thanks for the effort of making time to spend with each another and
hopefully on next outing, we won't be back at here anymore.
But to be honest, i really love the KL night view.



Fahrenheit 600 cafe @ Publika

There's this place that i had been eyeing for some time which is pretty
much crowded on the weekend and at night.
What's so special about this i ask myself ?
Well i guess the food itself could answer me.
How could i ever say no to their pizza.

Photo credit to Fahrenheit 600 Facebook


The environment was pretty cozy and comfy.
The people there was happy to give you suggestion what pizza option you want.
Plus !!! I get to try two different option and mix as one !
Amazing balls :XXXX

Portion perfect for two


Nuffnang is 007 birthday bash !

This year, it's fun to have join Nuffnang for their 7th birthday party at KL Live, BBQ Garden.
Besides talking about the fun, of cuz it's gonna be with awesome peps a.k.a my BFF Weng Sze!
Things will get bored if i were there without someone to chill, talk and drinks with.
Thanks to Uber as well, we get to the party by drivers and it make us look so awesome.
No more sweating to run for a cab and waiting for the slow lrt to reach the destination.
I'll say " Just Keep Calm, and make an order on Uber Apps".
In the car, siting comfy and safe.

You can click into this invitation link by me :
Register and sign up for one now to receive RM60 credit on your first ride ~

So the theme for this year party was
James Bond : Lost in Amazon


Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette review

Do you ever have a problem being obsessed with chocolate but you can't
eat it or taste it ? I DID.

I had problem with Two Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette !!!
No one could ever resist the smell of it.
Dang ! It's the cocoa powder made me do it. I got it like two weeks ago!
I splurge my money for these thing that i am so obsessed with it over than Naked Palette.
Not only it cost cheaper than naked, it smells like cocoa, i mean real 100% from cocoa.

Well ladies, you must know, putting those cocoa powder on your eyes
really cost a bunch especially with the one, i really love the color tone they create.
I saw a lot great reviews and i told myself i must get it and do a short review
or else i can't start using it if i haven make a review!

My box of chocolate happiness. I never fancy real chocolate,
but instead i'm addicted to cocoa powder. I don't understand myself either way.


007 sebab belog anda GEMPAK

Ni memang first time i blog dalam bahasa melayu.
Harap harap tak nampak pelik sangat niii !!

This time , post i kena outstanding lah sikit sebab nak party dengan Nuffnang ni.

So i kena lah state mengapa blog i ni gempak sangat !!
I rasa senang jer cuz blog i sememangnya gempak dah ~

Alasan-alasan aku yang glamour :

001 :
Blog aku nampak sedap dengan nama sendiri nya. Selain itu, blog aku
dimuatkan dengan pelbagai lifestyle makanan yg aku ENJOY !!!
Dengan yang best best korean food yg aku paling suka dan murah lagi ~~

002 :
Blog aku sentiasa dimuatkan gambar yang aku bersusah payah edit dengan cantik
dan kemas untuk reader aku baca dengan senang-lenang~ Mata x yah sakit kan? I tau :p

003 :
Reader dapat membaca update aku selama 5 tahun ni ! Walaupun i telah tukar
2kali blog link i ~ Tapi i rasa dah lama jer aku blog!

004 :
Blog i awesome sebab lepas aku join blogging, aku happy bila mendengar comment
yang reader / kawan-kawan aku ada follow dan sering menbaca blog i. Perasaan ini
best la ! Feels great to inspire others !

005 :
Blog i free -minded dan tak sesak den gossip gossip dan social world.

006 :
Dengan blogging with Nuffnang , i dapat join banyak movie premier screening dan
dapat share ngan readers i ! Macam Hansel & Gretal tu yang paling happy i dapat
movie premiere tiket ! Tu movie yg i paling sukaaaa !!

007 :
Last alasan, mesti lah just because blog ni gempak cuz it's filled with me !!
Kalau tiada saya dalam blog ni, siapa akan baca ? Lagi pun, say memenuhi blog ni
dengan writing yang ditulis dalam hati aku dan disebarkan kepada readers kesayangan aku :)

So what's more not awesome blog aku ?!



Sugar, Spice and everything Nice.

On this very hazy and hot last sunday,
me and Mr K went to dine for thai cuisine at Absolute Thai @ Mid Valley.
It was our first time to feel bad for having spices when both of us
had sore throat, thanks to the haze & Indonesia ( which can' be blamed all from them ),
while he had super deep ulcer on his mouth and me in my gastric condition
we still go on for thai food that night.
Do you know it's scary to find what to eat at shopping mall
during dinner time on weekend ? What i don't like about it was the long queue.
The long waiting list that the waiter / waitress hand out to show you.

"Oh you know, just leave me your number and i call you maybe?"
Just kidding. You know they will call you when there is an empty table,
and when there is a table, you might could have starve to death or just 
walk away and queue at another restaurant to try your luck.

So there we go, manage to get a table of our own when the crowd
started. Lucky us, manage to get our food served quickly but too bad,
the grilled squid that i want to try was sold out! *seriously?*

From left :
Stir-fried baby kailan with salted fish, Green Curry with
chicken, & Spicy TomYam soup with seafood.
( Now i understand why they say green curry make you burst in fire.
I don't know about you, but i need a bucket of ice by my side. )

 If you ever want to ask me,no he is not counting money to pay the bills :p
Just busy doing his idk wad stuff.

Btw,the food is really really spicy. But it's another food experience at here,
just don't ever go on weekends. You don't want to wait forever.
I just don't understand why Sushi Zanmai can have queue like more than
50 people at outside. I mean, Zanmai had the best food, but you rather
wait than starve your tummy ? I can't do that. I had gastric :pp

Till then,
will update again.


Arabian Cafe @ Mukha

Some weekly dosed of food update again.
I wonder if my blog had turn boring again haha :D
Btw, went to this very mysterious cafe that was at the heart of TTDI.
It was a very cozy place if you ask me, the environment was okay.

Hot Ba na na Chocolate ! I tell you, this is the best choco banana i ever drink !!
The mixture blend so well, it's like something you never miss to drink before you die ! lol

Breakfast plate

Aglio Olio Spagetti
(was nice but a bit too spicy )

It was a small cafe where you could spend a good day with
a good company with a cup of something good.

They had this very nice arabian light bulb which lights up the whole cafe.
*This unknown guy photobomb my photo*

Menu is all written on the blackboard.
Remind me of my primary school life.

It's a good place to hang out on a weekend.
More details on : http://mukha.com.my/

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