Arabian Cafe @ Mukha

Some weekly dosed of food update again.
I wonder if my blog had turn boring again haha :D
Btw, went to this very mysterious cafe that was at the heart of TTDI.
It was a very cozy place if you ask me, the environment was okay.

Hot Ba na na Chocolate ! I tell you, this is the best choco banana i ever drink !!
The mixture blend so well, it's like something you never miss to drink before you die ! lol

Breakfast plate

Aglio Olio Spagetti
(was nice but a bit too spicy )

It was a small cafe where you could spend a good day with
a good company with a cup of something good.

They had this very nice arabian light bulb which lights up the whole cafe.
*This unknown guy photobomb my photo*

Menu is all written on the blackboard.
Remind me of my primary school life.

It's a good place to hang out on a weekend.
More details on : http://mukha.com.my/

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  1. The hot choco banana is kind of unique to me, I haven't tried it before ! it looks so pretty too.
    Love your food reviews and lifestyle post! ^___^ Keep blogging ya :D
    Your blog is so cute too :3



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