Fahrenheit 600 cafe @ Publika

There's this place that i had been eyeing for some time which is pretty
much crowded on the weekend and at night.
What's so special about this i ask myself ?
Well i guess the food itself could answer me.
How could i ever say no to their pizza.

Photo credit to Fahrenheit 600 Facebook


The environment was pretty cozy and comfy.
The people there was happy to give you suggestion what pizza option you want.
Plus !!! I get to try two different option and mix as one !
Amazing balls :XXXX

Portion perfect for two

I got mine in Americano flavour which is in tomato sauce as base and another 
one was the Tropica. Americano consist of beef bacon ! 
Hands up for bacon !!!!! *yumssss* Tropica consist more of fruit or it just me..
i only cares about pineapple.. heh..
They also have another one in cream sauce base and lot's of options.
Their pizza oven was at the front of the restaurant which you may actually take
a peek at what they are doing. I know...i mean..who will do that... *points myself*

But, if you are looking for nice crust of pizza and freshly made that kind of type,
you may want to find yourself at here next time !

Photo : Taken by Me
Edited : By me myself

Fahrenheit 600 cafe

( right opposite of Ben's Publika )
03-6206 3417


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