Heli Lounge Bar KL

If you ever pass by and read on any article on the internet saying
it's a romantic bar at KL...please..i really mean it. you gonna THINK.TWICE.
Gosh, who the hell make this kind of statement saying that
"It's a must go place", "Romantic places to visit".

Please, bare with me. It's not like i'm there with my Mr right (nah uh..)
i'm there with ma girls !! Screw it !
I feel so cheated you ever want to read this twice.
I mean it's super commercial, not only that. What the heck make you think
they have spacious space is a wrong thinking. They had this staircase lead you
up with dirty dirty dirty dirty and yes dirty walls and stairs.
Plus, there's only like 6-7 table at there ?
You must understand, you can go up there chill with your bloody drinks
but if there's no table it means you may stand. 
It's may sound nice to you, standing zone.
Which means you have to stand all around whenever you find a spot
for you to show you butt facing people head. I mean it.

Everything was bad. No food on helipad,
no chairs, stuck everywhere you can with your butt,
steal chairs if you can, whatever you do, you will be dying for a table on the spot.
Or they just hush you to be away from the safety line.

Now what i can do when i have to reacting to such problem?
Keep calm and find a spot for yourself, snap few photo, and there it goes the rain.

From left : Pricila , MissBurung Hantu and Me !

Thanks for the effort of making time to spend with each another and
hopefully on next outing, we won't be back at here anymore.
But to be honest, i really love the KL night view.


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