Nuffnang is 007 birthday bash !

This year, it's fun to have join Nuffnang for their 7th birthday party at KL Live, BBQ Garden.
Besides talking about the fun, of cuz it's gonna be with awesome peps a.k.a my BFF Weng Sze!
Things will get bored if i were there without someone to chill, talk and drinks with.
Thanks to Uber as well, we get to the party by drivers and it make us look so awesome.
No more sweating to run for a cab and waiting for the slow lrt to reach the destination.
I'll say " Just Keep Calm, and make an order on Uber Apps".
In the car, siting comfy and safe.

You can click into this invitation link by me :
Register and sign up for one now to receive RM60 credit on your first ride ~

So the theme for this year party was
James Bond : Lost in Amazon

Here's me in my not so looking good in action Bond Girl looks.

Le bestie good Bond Girl look.

Some hash tag event to go through the night.
That is why u will saw lot's of #nuffnangis007 #havoc and more!

After registration and get our goodies bag,
we went to meet beautiful Jan as she is one of the nuffies as our high school senior!

Follow up by our dinner and of cuz lot's of free low Heineken beer.
But first, lemme take a selfie :p

Met Cherrie, owner of the blog DuoGigs. Love all her style and
get to met SuQuan again !! Sooo pretty ! But it was pretty cramp last night,
didn't get to talk much to her :(

Btw, i pout my lips too much.
Please ignore my annoying action, maybe i love my lipstick too much.

Over all, things were really good last night, except the weather is pretty hot and
all the food finish so fast ! Bad luck to those who came late and everything had finished :(
I dranked like 3 bottle and i feel so full. I also meet a weirdo on the roadside when i am
on my way back home !! Stupid weirdo smile and wink at me !! T__T plz kill him !

 i'm happy to receive all this goodies from the event plus tons of photo from Wowbooth !

Till then, goodnight !

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