Sugar, Spice and everything Nice.

On this very hazy and hot last sunday,
me and Mr K went to dine for thai cuisine at Absolute Thai @ Mid Valley.
It was our first time to feel bad for having spices when both of us
had sore throat, thanks to the haze & Indonesia ( which can' be blamed all from them ),
while he had super deep ulcer on his mouth and me in my gastric condition
we still go on for thai food that night.
Do you know it's scary to find what to eat at shopping mall
during dinner time on weekend ? What i don't like about it was the long queue.
The long waiting list that the waiter / waitress hand out to show you.

"Oh you know, just leave me your number and i call you maybe?"
Just kidding. You know they will call you when there is an empty table,
and when there is a table, you might could have starve to death or just 
walk away and queue at another restaurant to try your luck.

So there we go, manage to get a table of our own when the crowd
started. Lucky us, manage to get our food served quickly but too bad,
the grilled squid that i want to try was sold out! *seriously?*

From left :
Stir-fried baby kailan with salted fish, Green Curry with
chicken, & Spicy TomYam soup with seafood.
( Now i understand why they say green curry make you burst in fire.
I don't know about you, but i need a bucket of ice by my side. )

 If you ever want to ask me,no he is not counting money to pay the bills :p
Just busy doing his idk wad stuff.

Btw,the food is really really spicy. But it's another food experience at here,
just don't ever go on weekends. You don't want to wait forever.
I just don't understand why Sushi Zanmai can have queue like more than
50 people at outside. I mean, Zanmai had the best food, but you rather
wait than starve your tummy ? I can't do that. I had gastric :pp

Till then,
will update again.


  1. hey babe! hahaha totally agree with u about sushi zanmai and ppl lining up. have to wait so long omg. btw i've followed ur blog! care to follow me too? ^.^ www.yandrasap.blogspot.com :-)


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