Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette review

Do you ever have a problem being obsessed with chocolate but you can't
eat it or taste it ? I DID.

I had problem with Two Faced Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette !!!
No one could ever resist the smell of it.
Dang ! It's the cocoa powder made me do it. I got it like two weeks ago!
I splurge my money for these thing that i am so obsessed with it over than Naked Palette.
Not only it cost cheaper than naked, it smells like cocoa, i mean real 100% from cocoa.

Well ladies, you must know, putting those cocoa powder on your eyes
really cost a bunch especially with the one, i really love the color tone they create.
I saw a lot great reviews and i told myself i must get it and do a short review
or else i can't start using it if i haven make a review!

My box of chocolate happiness. I never fancy real chocolate,
but instead i'm addicted to cocoa powder. I don't understand myself either way.

I'm like holding a real choc bar now :PP
I always have small problem of buying eyeshadow, you know make up
doesn't cost like few ringgit but instead you have to spend 50-60 for one small palette.
But this was one of the best thing i ever splurge on a make up product.
*Please endure my self-obsessed selfie. It's part of my hobby now.
To be addicted to my own face :p*

Check out the photos below~

The chocolate bar consist of 16 antioxidant-rich cocoa powder infused in matte and shimmer shades.
If you ask which color is my favourite? I would say all of it !

Here the name of the shades ( from left to right ) : 

  • Glided Ganache
  • White Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Salted Caramel
  • Black Forest Truffle
  • Triple Fudge
  • Marzipan
  • Semi-Sweet
  • Strawberry Bon Bon
  • Candied Violet
  • Amaretto
  • Hazelnut
  • Creme Brulee
  • Haute Chocolate
  • Cherry Cordial
  • Champagne Truffle

Other than this some extra information are :

Price : RM149 ( Available at any Sephora Outlet )
I get mine off with 10% with my birthday month special privilege~ Happy girl.

Plus, without primer, there is no creasing and the color stay pretty long on my eyes and
Two Faced product is cruelty free ! So i really give full points to that !
The packaging was really nice as well just that the scent won't really last long :( 
But who cares ? It's not a perfume thou.

Hope you all love my short review !
Leave me a comment below my blog if you have anything to say :)

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