Suddenly i have this feeling that i wanted to blog about my grandmother.
Or i just wanted to write about old people.
I feel that missing the elders that already leaving a part
of your life is another stage of love.
A love to someone that you miss and could never bring them back to life.

I felt like, i could have been a better granddaughter if she is still alive.
I still remember this when i was young,
we use to back to grandmother hometown during holiday break and I
still remember that smile she had on her face when i say " Popo!! We are back !".
She would be so so so happy to see us. In my young memories,
she use to be a very fierce grandmother when she was healthy,
she smoke, she cooks around, watering her plants, keeping up the cocoa,
scream to ask us keep the laundry as she said, the heat will burns off the clothe.
That what i still remember.
She always say that the laundry will burns under the hot sun.
Which is r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s to me as i am still lazy to stand under the hot sun.
Now every time i stand under the sun, I just Miss Her. so much.
I miss everything about her,
she use to tell us to study well, to get a good job and everything,
i didn't know this word can really teach us a lesson in the future.
Education is very very important. That's what make you have a Job. Money and Family.

I still remember when one ringgit syiling is still being used,
she use to pass to me when we leave hometown, she will say
"Keep this and use this to buy food to eat :) ".. Now i really miss
holding her hand and wish i could say Thank You one more time
and i could be the one to gave her money.
Fate doesn't keep us long enough until i realize how important she are
after she passed away.

I believe, all humans only remember who is important when they leave us.
The one that hold me and bath me when i was a baby,
the one that i could really miss and how i ever wish she could stay by my side,
watch me getting married, having my first baby. Showing her my success,
bring her to eat, bring her for medical check up, walk her around :(

My mum told me this, my grandmother had been telling her that how she
wish she could stay longer enough to watch me getting married.
But she know she couldn't make it. It become true. It was sad.
I wish she know how much we all miss her.

So here i am, writing this today,
hoping that all of us will love and respect the elders.
They won't stay with us for a long time.
Listen to what they said, it could be the last word you ever heard.
It owns a bond that have everlasting spirits.

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