Havainas Summer Kit

What's in your mind when you ever heard of the word Havainas?
To me, it's pretty sure a pair of amazing flip flops that i can 
wear on it with tons of comfy ways no matter where i am.

Talking about summer, it's always summer at Malaysia or
whether the days shine or it's rain. It's always the best to have a 
pair of this amazing flip flops to go with.
Whether you had a sweaty foot, a pair of flip flops goes well
than a sneaker than steaming your foot under the hot weather! *chuckles*

But now i just want to talk about this summer kit of Havainas.

A famous pin up artist which is Elvgren who did all this amazing illustration
that he created and collaborate with Havainas to create this limited edition flip flops.

Heres to get to know about him more :

Reasons i had been adore about this version of flip flops is that
there's no reason for stopping myself than loving the creation of arts,
an appreciation towards an amazing illustrator of creating the respect and love
towards the woman and making this beautiful drawings on a pair of flip flops.
It's not just about the flip flops. It's the shoe. The thing we ladies would never
say NO to a pair of fancy and limited edition stuff. That sounds good to me. *smirk*
I would appreciate if i could own a pair of this gorgeous in UK size 6.
Hopefully i'm a lucky enough to be a Cinderella that gets to own her shoe that fits!

Let's us have an enjoyable summer from now !
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