Chew Jetty Penang Chiak

Argh i missing those beautiful food pictures on my blog!
I know you miss it too. *syok senndiri*

There's been a while i have no time to eat outside, it's all just about work, rest and sleep.
That's how it's prove i'm a round cookie now.
Last month i went to visit this authentic penang cuisine restaurant at Kepong.
It was newly opened and easily to find around Desa Aman Puri.
It was called Chew Jetty which opened by an old couple which had started selling
penang noodle since many years ago and now finally they have a restaurant of their own.

They had their menu printed like a monthly brochures.
Prices are affordable and there's a lot of choices for you to pick.


Whisper x Yoga

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Hey girls.
Have you ever thought of being a confident is a hard thing?
For me it is. It's hard for me to be confident sometimes.
To be strong and not shy for running around...but wait..why i am running out
of topic? Silly me. I was talking about being a girl having a menstruation was
a hard thing every month right? But get through it, i got Whisper on my back.

Being someone who love's to wear pants more than skirts,
sneakers more than heels it's hard to balance those freely
when Miss P is here. I know you know what i'm saying :p
Sorry guys, this post is specially for girls.
Getting problems with lines showing off, it's embarrassing.
But strut not? I found my new best friend. 

Here's it goes. There's a day i was invited for this Yoga Class session
organize by Whisper and mYoga. It was a fun day to work out on
and get stretchy and sweatyyyy ~

mYoga fitness center was opened at Plaza Damas, above the Hartamas Shopping Centre.
It was great to practice yoga which it will lessen your menstruation pain.
I was lucky to be here that day as my Miss P were here visiting me.
But best thing, i had Jan to fetch me here and become my private photographer 
of the day ! Big loveeee to you !!

Here's a snap of me getting ready to start my yoga practice!

Fake pink bricks..first time saw bricks was used in yoga class.
I had attend few months to yoga class before at another place, so i'm quite a beginner type back then.
Of course i am still clumsy like forever. These bricks are use to balance ourself during the yoga practice.

Yoga Instructor of the day and here we go~ All stretchy stretchy.

It was a great experience with all the nice people around. Best parts ?
More Whisper products for me ! YAY!

I had a tried of one of this product. I found my favorite.
It was the Whisper Cottony X-Long!
I don't about other girls, but that's the best part of feeling guided all night long.
Comfy, plus the shape of the pad designed with circles of protection for all-sides leakage protection!
Specially designed for Overnight usage with Longer length* and Wide back for protection against back leaks.
nearly 40% longer* helps provide more coverage
Wider Back for better coverage to protect against back leakage throughout the night
5X more absorbency# 
Lock core helps absorb fluid and locks it in gel form for long lasting protection
Dri-Weave™ Cover provides soft, dry protection

Now you tell me how cool was that?
Had you found your right Whisper now ? Whisper Ultra or Cottony Clean?
Hope that you could found the comfy product that meets your favorite!
Cookie L


Taiwan Photo Diary 1

Gosh, i don't know if picture could feed you throughout this post
but i'm really excited to blog about my Taiwan trip in a photo diary style.
Not only it wouldn't block your mind with some un-useful long paragraph
and instead you can enjoy some of my handpicks snaps!

I really appreciate that this trips at Taichung in Day 1 !
All i could say throughout this Day 1,
it's tiring, windy, cloudy with outbreaks of rain and drizzle.
UGHH the rain -___-

Places i went ->

( From Taoyuan Airport - HSR Train to Taichung - Taichung - Box 2 Motel - Fengjia Night market )

I mean if you are looking for food and ton's of shoes, you are coming to the right place.
Of cuz i could only describe Fengjia Night Market had hundreds or maybe thousand of food stall
all around the night market. It was crowded but everyone was pretty polite and queue for their turn.
So please don't bring your Malaysia habit to Taiwan and cut the queue.
From what i see, there are really some Malaysian that already did that in the
long immigrate queue at Taiwan Airport.


if you ever ask me.

But still, Fengjia night market was the best except that i couldn't bought as much shoes
as my friends did during their visit at here. But please, you must try the Papaya Milk from
the picture i had shown above, It's the BESTTTTT ! Truly authentic and the best i have try
throughout my Taiwan trip! If not you will regret :p

Till then, that's all from my Day 1 Photo Diary.
Short and tired. Stay tune for the next post.

Cookie L



Hi lovelies,
sorry i had been busy and have no time to blog.
But i will update my Taiwan photo trip soon!
Please come back and check on it!

Btw i'm so happy to announce that my blog
finally had it's own domain name !
Can't decide what name to put so i stick
with the old name. Now you can easily access
to my blog by clicking : www.notarealcookie.com !!

Now goodnight!



I always have this hunger disease. I'm hungry when i'm free.
I mean does it happen to others too ? But when i'm craving for something and i got no car,
it's raining or even if i'm busy at work, i couldn't find the best method to cure my cravings.

But now i got this ! 

FoodPanda connects great food to hungry people!
Didn't know food delivery service could be this easy!
Back then, only pizza and fast food serve food delivery. (Sound so old now)
Good news, no more finding car parks, long queue and long awaits order.
From my favourite list which is korean food, to italian food, and then malaysian food
and more !! Not only food delivery, there's also your favourite drinks to go for your choices!

Here's how you can do it like me !

Easy peasy steps right? Now don't tell me you can't understand 
such cute illustration !

Get that finger moving and search your favourite food now !


Where I Stand

This may seems a lil bit funny, but i thought that it would be fun to compound
a few of the picture from where i stand and posted it here.
It's kind of fun to just show my shoe and only the places i have been.
Of cuz, not all places from where i stand had snapped :(
Wish i did snap more. But it's great to recap back where i had been right?
But i'm bad with the places name, so i hope i can really list down clearly on below.

Taiwan Airport - Taoyuan

Rainbow Village - Taichung

Oldest Church in an University, Taichung

Mr Lens

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Do you know? I had been wearing contact lens since i was Form 4.
It was hard to choose a comfy and affordable contact lens back then.
I use to bought it from anonymous Facebook online seller and sometimes
the result of wearing those contact lens make my eye itchy and turns red !

But since after i discover Mr Lens, all my trouble had disappeared!
Not only Mr Lens had been awarded as a Finalist in the prestigious Swiss Economic Award
in 2008 and nominated against more than 130 applicants as a finalist in the category of service.

No matter what kind of contact lens on the market that you are searching for,
Mr Lens Provides the desires contact lenses quickly and cheaper than optical store.
Not only the contact lens are truly authentic, they provide the best information on their website.
Here's the step to get to know the website.


Facts about Taiwan

Hi, didn't know getting back from a short trip from Taiwan could be this interesting.
Here's a few facts to sum up some of my own idea about Taiwan. Of course, you may
choose not to believe it just b'cuz it a point of view from my experience as a foreigner at there.

Facts 1 - Rubbish Bin
You couldn't simply find a rubbish bin at Taiwan night market. It doesn't mean
they want you to throw rubbish everywhere. Someone from the local tell me that
the government portray a campaign that hopes everyone bring home all the rubbish
to throw & not simply at outside?

It sounds pretty good but i still feel strange to carry my rubbish all around the city
as you see, my hotel doesn't walk around with me.
But of course, there's plenty of them in the shopping malls.

Facts 2 - Minsu
There are dozens and dozens type of "minsu" (which means homestay which different 
type of theme being decorated and usually have only a few rooms available for each theme)
for you to choose at Taiwan. In these small lodges, guests can stay in a family-run
establishment and enjoy a blend of informal hospitality, local knowledge and natural
scenery that few hotels can match. 
Living in "minsu" could be pretty enjoyable and
the home-cooked Taiwanese meals!

Facts 3 - Pets

You could see plenty of pets walking around on the street of XiMenDing, restaurant, 
24 hour marts, the railway station, shops, night market,and anywhere that you could name it!
It's pretty legal to walk and bring your pets everywhere you go at Taiwan.
But it seems that the local prefer smaller pets such as poodle, you can barely see it everywhere.
It's cute ! They even hand carry them in small bag pack by their side. You can really 
see all the pets have attend a good pet school back then!

Facts 4 - Night Markets

You may think this sound similar with facts 1 but this is not! 
Talking bout night markets at
Taiwan, you could never miss out eating 
and shopping at there. But the true is, never ever
simply tried out foods 
that really seems like popular to the locals. It doesn't mean that you should
miss out what's not to buy but instead, be prepare to ask what is the food and how it was
prepared. From my last experience, we went to queue for this 
super duper long queue food
stall at
Fengjia night market, and just simply ordered it due to it's popularity on the tv and
bla bla bla. Ending up waiting for more than 
20 minute and didn't realising the meal was cold
Cold ? Really ? After a bite, we decided to throw it. It doesn't suit our taste and didn't
know it was 
served cold and everything was throw inside a plastic bag. (that it how they serve)
But i highly recommend the people to try their authentic papaya milk drink!! Do not miss out!

So it was really a lesson, do not simply queue and buy a food at night market.
I mean even at a restaurant. But of course, if you never try you will never know.

Facts 5 - Soups

So you think it's easy for you to say "yam cha" in Taiwan?
It's harder when you choose at restaurant. In Taiwan, we can hardly find a drink
menu in a restaurant, base on the Taiwanese information, they prefer enjoying
a good bowl of soup than ordering a glass of water. That is why you could observe,
all restaurant will serve their food mainly in soup.
Who doesn't enjoy a good bowl of soup? 

Facts 6 - Tissue Paper

Do you always flush the tissue paper after settle your 'matters' in the toilet?
I mean yes, so does me. But in Taiwan, you do not throw your tissue paper
in the toilet bowl. But instead, have it throw beside the rubbish bin provided
next to it. There is always a rubbish bin prepared beside the toilet bowl.
They say that tissue may stuck in the process of filtering the water.
So now you know, do not flush your tissue paper in Taiwan.

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