I always have this hunger disease. I'm hungry when i'm free.
I mean does it happen to others too ? But when i'm craving for something and i got no car,
it's raining or even if i'm busy at work, i couldn't find the best method to cure my cravings.

But now i got this ! 

FoodPanda connects great food to hungry people!
Didn't know food delivery service could be this easy!
Back then, only pizza and fast food serve food delivery. (Sound so old now)
Good news, no more finding car parks, long queue and long awaits order.
From my favourite list which is korean food, to italian food, and then malaysian food
and more !! Not only food delivery, there's also your favourite drinks to go for your choices!

Here's how you can do it like me !

Easy peasy steps right? Now don't tell me you can't understand 
such cute illustration !

Get that finger moving and search your favourite food now !

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