Taiwan Photo Diary 1

Gosh, i don't know if picture could feed you throughout this post
but i'm really excited to blog about my Taiwan trip in a photo diary style.
Not only it wouldn't block your mind with some un-useful long paragraph
and instead you can enjoy some of my handpicks snaps!

I really appreciate that this trips at Taichung in Day 1 !
All i could say throughout this Day 1,
it's tiring, windy, cloudy with outbreaks of rain and drizzle.
UGHH the rain -___-

Places i went ->

( From Taoyuan Airport - HSR Train to Taichung - Taichung - Box 2 Motel - Fengjia Night market )

I mean if you are looking for food and ton's of shoes, you are coming to the right place.
Of cuz i could only describe Fengjia Night Market had hundreds or maybe thousand of food stall
all around the night market. It was crowded but everyone was pretty polite and queue for their turn.
So please don't bring your Malaysia habit to Taiwan and cut the queue.
From what i see, there are really some Malaysian that already did that in the
long immigrate queue at Taiwan Airport.


if you ever ask me.

But still, Fengjia night market was the best except that i couldn't bought as much shoes
as my friends did during their visit at here. But please, you must try the Papaya Milk from
the picture i had shown above, It's the BESTTTTT ! Truly authentic and the best i have try
throughout my Taiwan trip! If not you will regret :p

Till then, that's all from my Day 1 Photo Diary.
Short and tired. Stay tune for the next post.

Cookie L

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