Where I Stand

This may seems a lil bit funny, but i thought that it would be fun to compound
a few of the picture from where i stand and posted it here.
It's kind of fun to just show my shoe and only the places i have been.
Of cuz, not all places from where i stand had snapped :(
Wish i did snap more. But it's great to recap back where i had been right?
But i'm bad with the places name, so i hope i can really list down clearly on below.

Taiwan Airport - Taoyuan

Rainbow Village - Taichung

Oldest Church in an University, Taichung

Xi Men Ding - Taipei

Beitou - Tatami mat ( Museum )

Beitou - Museum of first Public Bath house in Taiwan

Ping Xi , Taipei - Lover's Bridge

Taipei - Railway Road

Taipei - Somewhere facing the sea and the rock *i forgot the name* ( Nan ya qi yan )

Jiufen, Taipei

Will blog about Taiwan pretty soon ! 

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