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Hey girls.
Have you ever thought of being a confident is a hard thing?
For me it is. It's hard for me to be confident sometimes.
To be strong and not shy for running around...but wait..why i am running out
of topic? Silly me. I was talking about being a girl having a menstruation was
a hard thing every month right? But get through it, i got Whisper on my back.

Being someone who love's to wear pants more than skirts,
sneakers more than heels it's hard to balance those freely
when Miss P is here. I know you know what i'm saying :p
Sorry guys, this post is specially for girls.
Getting problems with lines showing off, it's embarrassing.
But strut not? I found my new best friend. 

Here's it goes. There's a day i was invited for this Yoga Class session
organize by Whisper and mYoga. It was a fun day to work out on
and get stretchy and sweatyyyy ~

mYoga fitness center was opened at Plaza Damas, above the Hartamas Shopping Centre.
It was great to practice yoga which it will lessen your menstruation pain.
I was lucky to be here that day as my Miss P were here visiting me.
But best thing, i had Jan to fetch me here and become my private photographer 
of the day ! Big loveeee to you !!

Here's a snap of me getting ready to start my yoga practice!

Fake pink bricks..first time saw bricks was used in yoga class.
I had attend few months to yoga class before at another place, so i'm quite a beginner type back then.
Of course i am still clumsy like forever. These bricks are use to balance ourself during the yoga practice.

Yoga Instructor of the day and here we go~ All stretchy stretchy.

It was a great experience with all the nice people around. Best parts ?
More Whisper products for me ! YAY!

I had a tried of one of this product. I found my favorite.
It was the Whisper Cottony X-Long!
I don't about other girls, but that's the best part of feeling guided all night long.
Comfy, plus the shape of the pad designed with circles of protection for all-sides leakage protection!
Specially designed for Overnight usage with Longer length* and Wide back for protection against back leaks.
nearly 40% longer* helps provide more coverage
Wider Back for better coverage to protect against back leakage throughout the night
5X more absorbency# 
Lock core helps absorb fluid and locks it in gel form for long lasting protection
Dri-Weave™ Cover provides soft, dry protection

Now you tell me how cool was that?
Had you found your right Whisper now ? Whisper Ultra or Cottony Clean?
Hope that you could found the comfy product that meets your favorite!
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