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Guess what knocking on my door this time?
It's a sponsored product again from Natta Cosme!
Actually i received this box of awesome since one month plus ago.
So sorry i couldn't blog about it just because i am busy for the previous month.
But guess what? I'm feeling so happy to receive on hand this item.
Let me reveal it.


Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision

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Hi love,
If you didn't realise, i am actually bad with eyeliner product.
I could have my hand shaking all the time and then or the line just went out of shape.
Then i would be so angry and then i would wipe it all and re-draw again and again.
*now you can imagine why girls can spend that much on drawing make up*
Good for those that could done so fast. I'm bad at make up. Really.
recently i had been introduce to this new product by Maybelline.
It's an eyeliner product which it's name was Hypersharp Liner laser Precision.

What is Hypersharp Liner Laser Precision?
It's a new territory of precision with highest laser sharp precision ever at 0.01mm that
allows ultra precised design. Its 0.01mm tip with darker pigmentation comes in three shades
(Intense Black, Soft Black and Brown for more variety) for color extension.
Product is 24 hour smudge proof and has an easy off formula with a laser sharp line.
Hypersharp is considered as the finest tip in the market. Line your inner eye, under eye,
draw eye tattoos, this liner is a perfect art tool.

But this Hypersharp Liner laser Precision had a good benefit about that.
It's easily to be use and super light.
The one that i currently had was in black colour. Just in time i get to receive it
just because my old eyeliner had been used out.
I would want to try the brown colour eyeliner someday.


Beauty Regime : Black Charcoal Mask

Hi love,
i feel like sharing this favourite mask of mine that
i had been using since i come back from my Taiwan trip last month.
It's pretty good to use so i decided to share out my experience.
This is not a sponsored post as i said i bought it by myself
so i really try it on my face and here some small sharing today.

I was currently addicted to this bamboo charcoal thing
but first let me tell you a little background :

The earliest documented use of bamboo charcoal dates back to
the Ming Dynasty. Chinese healers used “the black diamond” to
formulate medicines and filter water for tea.
The charcoal also “sweetened” the tea by infusing minerals such
as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

What i got online was Bamboo Charcoal products
give you benefit such as :
  •  It absorb minerals, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances
     from your skin, leaving you with stronger, healthier skin.
  •  It can act as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. 

That's how i was attracted to buy this mask that contains 
Bamboo Charcoal extract, but other than that i also influence
by my best friend which she let me use one bamboo charcoal
mask the other day and then i started to like products that would
have bamboo charcoal in it. lol. I'm sold by it.

So here's the one :

It's called D+MeCare (Deep Cleansing Mask) which is a
jelly type of bamboo charcoal mask. It's a jar of
portable mask which you have to apply by yourself.
I don't know why but recently black colour mask
such as those which is made of bamboo charcoal
was really favourited by consumers and popular among the Asians.


Doctor Stranger

I had started to watch this drama since today and i think 
i am addicted already :P
Had anyone been watching "Doctor Stranger" yet?

My friend told me that it was a great drama. So i started watching today.
Ahhhh so handsome lah the lead male actor.
His name was Lee Jong-Suk.

I think he is kind of my type. I don't know how to describe but
urghh his hair so neat and stylish.
With dat small eyes and well-trimmed eye brows ~~~ 
So handsome plus that smile.
I think i really fancy guy that have perfect smile.
Like those with neat and white bright teethhhhhhh!

Gosh.. okay.

I can faint already.

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