Happy new hair cut!

Guess what,
i chopped off my long hair ~~~
I know it was so surprising right?
I didn't did it randomly, but instead i planned to cut short my hair
few months ago but i don't have the courage to do so.

Yes i could say i am a coward but now i did it!
Finally get to own the style i always adored.
This medium bob hair length had been my favourite since,
all the fashion bloggers cut it so does the korean.
It had been a hugeeeee trend ! I was so into it!
So i decided to find back my trusted stylist which is Roy ~
I guess i had him style my hair for one years now?

My hair had always look messy and it makes me look sleepy.
which is like this ;

So glad that my short hair had change my style ~
Talking about that, i keep snapping selfie for 167976560912909820 times a day now.

and another selfies.

I had my hair cut on Saturday and Sunday i manage to have a short catch up with this pretty.
Karyn and i met two years ago at an event party and we become friends after that.


We rarely meet up and sometimes it happen to be randomly and it's fun!
Best thing is, we always try to look like fashionista all the time when we meet.


Here's a snap of my today ootd.
Trying to achieve that ko-masian look.lol ( korean + malaysian ) 
I create one. lol.

Talking about today outing, i really want to share out about BAD by wood & steel.
It's a cafe shop at Sri Hartamas. Ugh..i really had a very bad experience.
This cafe it's really empty, i feel cheated by those photo's that ppl posted online.
Their cafe had less than 4 breakfast choices and the food sucks.
You could say i am a typical chinese that like her food HOT.
At least something that stays warm and just come out from the kitchen right?

The whole cafe only have 6 customers at the time which include me and my friend.
I seriously ban this cafe.
Please don't tell me it's good.
It's good for nothing.
Thanks but no thanks.



Aesthetic Treatment /// 02 ME Clinic

Hey there, guess what i'm gonna talk about today?

I recently had my skin lasered. Okay correction, or you could 
describe it as Skin Laser Therapy and also a part of Aesthetic treatment.
The real benefit of practicing Aesthetic Medicine is the type of care that
physicians are offering to their patients. These procedures are elective and
are performed on patients who do not suffer from illness. It's a quick fix or 
a preventative procedure to help manage the normal effects of aging.
Laser ?

This word may sound so painful and scary to you.
But trust me, i do feel the same at first but the outcome was really shocking.
So remember my previous post at here which i had my first medical spa experience?
Here's the second time i'm here at ME Clinic.
I don't usually tell anyone about this but well,
my skin wasn't that smooth and flawless normally just because i don't
really bother about taking care about my skin.
To be honest, i don't bother applying sunscreen on my face
whether i'm going to work or anywhere i go.
Then, i realise the longer i do so, the worsen my face skin turn out to have
largen pores, blemish, oily skin and uneven skin tone !

So scaryyyy i know. I hope there's no another same kind like me.
(or maybe there are one or two)
So since then, i decided to make a change, i wanna cure my skin.
Probably because i still have the chance to save my skin, so why not trying out
different kind of method to cure it ?
Choosing on getting a skin laser treatment was a tough one.
After ton's of research on google, i get to know, it's my right choice.
I believe that laser treatment is very common to women's nowadays.
The one i did during my last visit to ME Clinic, i had my very first Skin Laser Therapy.
In ME Clinic, the one i had was call as Q-Switch Laser Treatment which is also
their Signature Cell Energizing Treatment.
The unique of Q-Switch Laser treatment + my Customised post laser treatment 
(Accelerate the healing process and achieve the maximal result, customised different
settings for different skin problem & which only can be done in ME Clinic)

After several consultations, i did my first laser treatment 26 June 2014.
I was very pleased with the results of the Q-Switch Laser treatment
that Mr David (my physicians doctor of that day) did to me. 

So here's the simple procedure i actually gone through :

-I had my consultation by doctor and soon after that my face was
 cleanse by clinic assistant
-Application of Numb Cream around 10 minutes
( Posted this on my instagram during the numb cream session. 
Through this numb cream, as it say's "Numb" is to make your face feel less
tingling when the laser treatment start).

- Q-switch Laser treatment performed by doctor.
( My eyes was covered so it wouldn't hurt my eyes. I know i look funny here. )


Summertime Saddness

Sorry for not updating my blog,
sometimes i feel that i am a bit lost in my life.
My life just gone up and down these days.
I little bit of sweet and sour at the same time.
I try to keep positive but sometimes i feel the weakest at some point.

But i try to keep it down and sometimes when i'm at home,
i rather talk to the wall alone :'(

Okay..don't bother.
Btw, i just got back from a short trip at PD !
It was nice having a short getaway.
It had been 10 years ++ i never been there after my parent divorced.
It's nice to hang out with my colleagues, with all the
4 hours un-finish BBQ foods and waken up by the sound of the ocean wave.

These two are taken by me early in the morning when i was awaken by the sound
of the ocean wave~ ( how many time i have to repeat to myself.lol )
But mostly thanks to all of these happy humans to drive away
my summertime saddess in these two days.

Cookie L


MeClinic /// 01 ( First Medical Spa Experience )

So here's the story, i went to aesthetic clinic for the previous two weeks.
It's a clinic which also provides aesthetics treatment where by a little enhancement
could increase one confident. Now you don't got me wrong, i didn't went for
any facial surgeries nor any faces restructure. (okay it sound the same)

So guess what i did ?
I went for facial lahh ~ Still got what else? *girls girls*
But believe it or not? It's my first time walking in to a aesthetic clinic.
The name of the clinic was ME Clinic.
Me Clinic was not a new clinic, for those who have known about it, they
should have know that there were first placed at Pavilion KL but then moved
to Times Square as the seventh floor of the Pavilion have to be renovated as
a food court. But the best thing is that now at new area which is at Times Square,
it leave a space of comfortable zone to those who need privacy and some quiet times alone.

What make me choose to go ME Clinic it would be a great advice here to
you my readers who wish to go for a wide variety of Minor Cosmetic Surgeries
and Non-Surgical treatments for your choice.
I was first introduce by their excellent kind of service as they are
really treating me as someone they could try to understand and figure out
what problem i am having about my skin and etc.
They are also a licensed clinic and have qualified physicians.

I don't actually go for facial. If you didn't know,
i am not that kind of girl that would stay still for 2-3 hours just to
let people touch my face -__- You could say i'm still bad in enjoying 
this kind of comfy session.
But what actually i had been thinking was actually about my skin.
I feel that my skin had been really dry, tons of blemish popping up,
pores enlarged and that's the few reason that make me want to fix it.
So i went for a research and that what make me wanna go Me Clinic for a try.
But the important thing is that, i don't simply let anyone could
have the access to touch my face. So you could see i can trust on Me Clinic.
So what i did during my very first facial session was actually called as
-Dermal Nutritive Medical Face Spa.
It's one type of medical treatment that make you escape to a stress free zone,
a pampering yet medical facial treatment that is suitable for all skin types.

Here's the steps that i had go through Dermal Nutritive Medical Face Spa :

  1. Skin consultation ( which is very important to get to know what's suitable
    for your skin face at the very first & get to know what they are applying)
  2. Cleanse with gentle milk cleanser

  3. Double cleanse with gel cleanser
  4. Gentle exfoliate
  5. Steamer 
  6. Extraction of blackhead & white head  
  7. Application of anti-septic
  8. Penetration of customised ampoules by cryo-electroporation machine
  9. Eye treatment 
  10. Face massage
  11. Application of customised algae peel off mask
    ( I got mine in green tea extract! )
  12. Relaxing shoulder massage
  13. Application of skin care
Okay, beside all this super long words,
here's more for your understanding to those who are a first timer like me :-

Cryo-electroporation machine :
A cold tingling machine that's help cooling down your pores,
tightening your skin and stress down your skin muscle.
Truly a new thing to me just because the temperature will
turn down really really low and it's pretty nice.

Eye Treatment
This one they did a small treatment to reduce the 
dark eye circles on my eyes and the puffiness.

Customised different ampoule for different area of the face.
[Eg: forehead dehydrated so hydration ampoule will be used; oily cheek
so sebum control ampoule will be combined.
Not the same ampoule being use for the whole face]

Algae Peel Mask
The algae peel off mask is cold so that it calms the skin, 
hydrate and brighten up the skin.

What's make it even unique is that they really aware of the cleanliness
of the interaction to our skins. Gloved finger extraction of blackhead and
white head then apply anti-septic after extraction to prevent infection. 
Over all, i was pretty satisfy with my first medical spa experience.
So now i wish you could have yours too!

ME Clinic is so generous that they said that if you mention my name "Cookielu"
or either way mention about my blog "Notarealcookie.com"
you will entitled to get :

" BUY 1 FREE 1 on Medical Face Spa! "

So don't you forget to mention my name if you are visiting Me Clinic!
Okay, now I am so jealous of you and you and you now.
Let me know if you have any question and you can
just leave me a comment and i'll reply you soon!

For more information :

LG-18, Lower Ground Floor,
Berjaya Times Square,
No.1 , Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: +603-2143 3866 / Whatapps: +6018-22228122
Instagram: @meclinictimesquare

Cookie L


Hair Inspiration 2014

I have this few favourites hair style that
i really love recently.
It might could be old but well, who cares about it anyway?

Short Hair Ombre

Medium Hair Bangs ( I personally adore this one ! )

Medium Longing Bob ( Love love love !! )

Bandana Hair Style 

Messy Tie-Ups

Pin-up roll bun

Sleek clean ponytail

Medium pin-ups

Skarf hair bun

Side tie up

Layered red hair

So that's what i currently like,
all the picture doesn't belongs to me.
Cookie L
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