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Hey there, guess what i'm gonna talk about today?

I recently had my skin lasered. Okay correction, or you could 
describe it as Skin Laser Therapy and also a part of Aesthetic treatment.
The real benefit of practicing Aesthetic Medicine is the type of care that
physicians are offering to their patients. These procedures are elective and
are performed on patients who do not suffer from illness. It's a quick fix or 
a preventative procedure to help manage the normal effects of aging.
Laser ?

This word may sound so painful and scary to you.
But trust me, i do feel the same at first but the outcome was really shocking.
So remember my previous post at here which i had my first medical spa experience?
Here's the second time i'm here at ME Clinic.
I don't usually tell anyone about this but well,
my skin wasn't that smooth and flawless normally just because i don't
really bother about taking care about my skin.
To be honest, i don't bother applying sunscreen on my face
whether i'm going to work or anywhere i go.
Then, i realise the longer i do so, the worsen my face skin turn out to have
largen pores, blemish, oily skin and uneven skin tone !

So scaryyyy i know. I hope there's no another same kind like me.
(or maybe there are one or two)
So since then, i decided to make a change, i wanna cure my skin.
Probably because i still have the chance to save my skin, so why not trying out
different kind of method to cure it ?
Choosing on getting a skin laser treatment was a tough one.
After ton's of research on google, i get to know, it's my right choice.
I believe that laser treatment is very common to women's nowadays.
The one i did during my last visit to ME Clinic, i had my very first Skin Laser Therapy.
In ME Clinic, the one i had was call as Q-Switch Laser Treatment which is also
their Signature Cell Energizing Treatment.
The unique of Q-Switch Laser treatment + my Customised post laser treatment 
(Accelerate the healing process and achieve the maximal result, customised different
settings for different skin problem & which only can be done in ME Clinic)

After several consultations, i did my first laser treatment 26 June 2014.
I was very pleased with the results of the Q-Switch Laser treatment
that Mr David (my physicians doctor of that day) did to me. 

So here's the simple procedure i actually gone through :

-I had my consultation by doctor and soon after that my face was
 cleanse by clinic assistant
-Application of Numb Cream around 10 minutes
( Posted this on my instagram during the numb cream session. 
Through this numb cream, as it say's "Numb" is to make your face feel less
tingling when the laser treatment start).

- Q-switch Laser treatment performed by doctor.
( My eyes was covered so it wouldn't hurt my eyes. I know i look funny here. )

- Penetration of soothing ampoule by cryo-electroporation machine
- After the laser treatment session i gone through another mask session
 to cool down my skin. In case if anyone ask, your face will look a bit reddish
 after the laser treatment, but mine was okay, it didn't turn red.
The whole progress was done less in one hour.
It was clean, quick and netherless it was done full with care and concentration.

To be honest, my skin turn out to be more radiant than previously,
it turns out that my pores had turn smaller, skin turns smoother and more flawless.
Flawless. Like baby skin. I was jumping in joy and of course after this i have to apply
sunblock everyday and everywhere i go or else my laser treatment will be wasted.

My skin look so bright at here. It was snapped on the day i
had my laser treatment. Picture took by Iphone 4s front camera.
So it might could be a bit blurred and i didn't edit the photo.

Then this is how i look like without any make up after a week :

For your deeper information, the Q-switch Laser treatment is a “lunch time therapy” 
that is comfortable, effective & best of all, nobody knows you’ve done laser when
you’re back at the office as there is virtually no downtime. This treatment is a non-invasive
procedure unlike any other skin resurfacing treatment. It is effective in improving dull 
& uneven skin tone, smoothes wrinkles, boost up collagen production, rejuvenation,
open pores, reduces acne & blackheads. 

This lunchtime laser treatment helps to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.
This laser procedure helps to give patient an optimal results with the minimal inconvenience.
The laser light pass harmlessly through the upper layers of the skin and stimulate those
cells deep below the surface which produce natural collagen. The collagen and elastin fibers
continue to multiply after your treatment, and you will continue to see improved results over
the months ahead. The Nd:YAG laser treatment causes a slight sting. 
Anesthetics are not needed for most patients; however those with very sensitive skin may
apply a numbing cream 10 minutes before the procedure if desired.
( Just like the picture i show above )

What you can expect from this laser treatment is that :
None or skin turns mildly pinkish for a few minutes It can be done once every 3-4 weeks.
Once desired effect achieved, interval can be increased up to 3-6 months.
This lunchtime laser treatment is a quick, easy procedure for which many patients come in
during their lunch hour. The procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes, and there are
virtually no side effects. Those who wear facial cosmetics can reapply their makeup right
away, and freely carry on with their day. This Lunchtime Laser treatment can also be
combined with other procedures, making it an ideal complement to microdermabrasion, 
Botox, and laser skin resurfacing for an overall facial rejuvenation.
Now, if you interested to go through this laser treatment at ME Clinic,
remember to mention my blog or my name so you get to
entitled RM200.00 Cash voucher rebate on the spot! 
You gonna love that discount on that laser treatment.

For more information :

LG-18, Lower Ground Floor,
Berjaya Times Square,
No.1 , Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: +603-2143 3866 / Whatapps: +6018-22228122
Instagram: @meclinictimesquare

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