Summertime Saddness

Sorry for not updating my blog,
sometimes i feel that i am a bit lost in my life.
My life just gone up and down these days.
I little bit of sweet and sour at the same time.
I try to keep positive but sometimes i feel the weakest at some point.

But i try to keep it down and sometimes when i'm at home,
i rather talk to the wall alone :'(

Okay..don't bother.
Btw, i just got back from a short trip at PD !
It was nice having a short getaway.
It had been 10 years ++ i never been there after my parent divorced.
It's nice to hang out with my colleagues, with all the
4 hours un-finish BBQ foods and waken up by the sound of the ocean wave.

These two are taken by me early in the morning when i was awaken by the sound
of the ocean wave~ ( how many time i have to repeat to myself.lol )
But mostly thanks to all of these happy humans to drive away
my summertime saddess in these two days.

Cookie L

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