Owning a Daniel Wellington Watch

So before you start reading this post, i would like to tell you that
this might sound a bit sarcastic but you may find this post useful.

So you see, people around me had been asking this new watch that
i recently bought and yes i posted on the social media.
Okay this is what happen. I receive tons of question & i felt that it was a bit annoying.
It's not like i hate to response, but some are okay and some just make me wanna puke blood.


Always - Lang Leav


GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask Review

I don't know if i was a fanatic of mask or it's just a basic things girls will crazy about
their skin care. I hope i wasn't moving too late to take care of my skin.
I have like 3 to 4 jars of facial mask at home now. I usually did a lot research
before choosing the best product to buy. Just in case you don't know
( Money + Time = Couldn't buy the old skin back ) 
So be wise when choosing the product for your face. I love using organic and pure
ingredient that sort of mask. Which make me feel a bit safe i think?

I recently get to know this product from The Butterfly Project which
i was introduced that this GLAMGLOW Super-Mud.
It was quite well known at overseas and highly praised by users.
The treatment is designed to combat common skin concerns such as enlarged pores,
blemishes, pimples, spots, razor bumps, black & white heads, and more.

Lucky me, i get to try it on hand as well. The photo above is how it's look like in
it's exact size while the one i have was the sample size. ( I'm gonna grab one big size soon!! )
It's size was 50g and selling in RM240 which is already available at Sephora.

Here's a close up photo of me in naked face. Yes i can agree i don't really have much problems
with my current skin but my face do feel dry most of the time. * DEEP PANDA EYES *


Charlie Chaplin @ One City

Few days ago i went to visit this special iconic restaurant.
Which is the Charlie Chaplin. I didn't know much about this actor,
but visiting this place really taught me some history about how old times
television was like during the silent era. It's was black and white ( duh ), no sound,
and it's cool to see how people tend to act professionally so you could understand
without a single sound, just words, and cool fonts i would say.

Visiting One City which they had this very tall skypark on the roof
that everyone had been raving about. But too bad, no night view for me
as i arrive there in the afternoon. Too lazy to wait until night time.
Okay back to Charlie Chaplin.

운명처럼 널 사랑해 Fated to Love You

Had anyone been watching 운명처럼 널 사랑해 Fated to love you recently?!!!


This drama is not your usual lovey dovey drama. 
It's a romance + comedy that kind !! Which is more to more liking!!
Gosh.. it won't make u crazy but it makes you keep waiting for more episodes.
AHH not gonna tell much, watch it yourself :p

I always adore Jang Nara, she's so good in acting !
This drama she acts as a clueless and weak woman. OMG she act so well!!
Now i had watched until Episode 12 !! I can't wait until the next episode.
Feel so damn nervous man!

They splited both ways and Jang Nara ( Snail ) is back !!!
OMG can she just date Daniel Pit? He is so handsome!
All his outfit look so nice i am going CRAZYYY.
Even Lee Gun ( Jang Hyuk ) new hair cut look so handsome.

Ahhh imma faint.
If you haven watch this drama yet !



Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Review

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Hi readers,
you know i love exploring make up these days.
You know it when i try to explore that korean look or some 
no makeup make-up. But sometimes, it's hard to draw that eye perfection.
But nothing comes perfect as long as you try hard to practice on drawing em'.

Btw, today i'm gonna do a small review on Miss Hana gel eyeliner.
As most of the girls know this brand was pretty well known these days.
It's a cosmetic brand from Taiwan and widely used by the girls nowadays.
What's more interesting is that my favourite youtuber Hana Tam had introduce
this product before on her channel. That's how it's started and i am feel of curiosity.

But it wasn't too bad as i get it on hand by myself now!
Currently i had few Miss Hana product by my own but today let's talk
about the gel eyeliner that i get from Natta Cosme recently.

These two colours are the one i have today to share for a review.
The colour are : ( 02 Galaxy Black ) ( 04 Golden Brown )  
This two color are more likely the stardust series. What does it mean by the stardust series?
It's that type that look a bit shimmery and bling bling ~

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