Charlie Chaplin @ One City

Few days ago i went to visit this special iconic restaurant.
Which is the Charlie Chaplin. I didn't know much about this actor,
but visiting this place really taught me some history about how old times
television was like during the silent era. It's was black and white ( duh ), no sound,
and it's cool to see how people tend to act professionally so you could understand
without a single sound, just words, and cool fonts i would say.

Visiting One City which they had this very tall skypark on the roof
that everyone had been raving about. But too bad, no night view for me
as i arrive there in the afternoon. Too lazy to wait until night time.
Okay back to Charlie Chaplin.

It was on weekend, luckily it's not full. The decoration was nice and very vintage.
But there's a smell inside the restaurant that i don't like and i feel discomfort.
I think i don't like places that decorated with a lot old stuff. I had a bit phobia about old stuff.

Was here with my bae.

I ordered the tuna sandwich. The food was really boring. Really really boring.
It was very simple, just cucumber, spread some tuna and tomatoes. That's all. For freaking RM17.

Okay i don't look happy but yes i pose for photo. lol.
With my new spectacles ~ ~

His all time Cappuccino. This guy forever order Cappuccino everywhere.


Not very happy with the Signature Charlie Chaplin Sandwich as well :(

Anyway it's an experience. Where you buy the atmosphere of the place & the dining experience.
The service was good i mean. Yes it's good. Just the food doesn't worth it and yes that smell.
I hope they take away the smell. It's scary to me. Bae tell me that it was the smell of the coffee.
But NO. I could recognize coffee smell. That is not coffee smell. Urgh. Creepy.

I guess that's all for today update.
Go there with your own risk :D

Cookie L

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