Owning a Daniel Wellington Watch

So before you start reading this post, i would like to tell you that
this might sound a bit sarcastic but you may find this post useful.

So you see, people around me had been asking this new watch that
i recently bought and yes i posted on the social media.
Okay this is what happen. I receive tons of question & i felt that it was a bit annoying.
It's not like i hate to response, but some are okay and some just make me wanna puke blood.

So let's start this.
The watch that i recently bought was Daniel Wellington. Yes that's the brand name.
The founder was from British Isles. I'm not gonna brag a lot about this as i am not
receiving any sponsorship from them anyway. This is my quick view sort of post today.
You see, this watch was popular as they engage with a lot blogger all around the world.
But the thing that makes them special is their NATO Straps.
With it's changeable straps for any occasions it's fun to wear around on your wrist.
I got myself the DW Classic Oxford Lady version.
I find out this brand one day when i was browsing around on the internet and
before this i saw people on the street wearing the exact same watch!
So i was curious and finally find out what was it.
It actually tooks me like three months to decide on buying it or not as it's
a bit pricey and it's hard to decide a color i want.

End up i finally bought it and it was few days ago i receive it.
I'm happy with the watch cuz it looks trendy thou.

So here's a short Q & A that you may find it useful :

Q: Brand name ?

A: Daniel Wellington ( I don't want to repeat saying this anymore :( )

Q: Type of watch they got?
A: Men & Female & Accessories ( view online yourself )

Q: Where can i buy it ?
A: Seriously i'm a bit fed up with this question, if you like the watch,
     you should really do a research about it and find out where to get it and 
     not asking me where to get it? It's not like i'm selling it you know.
     I find out this product website by myself too! ( http://www.danielwellington.com/ )
Q: Is it expensive ?
A: To me i think it's still affordable as i manage to get discount code from a
     blogger that i followed her on her Instagram profile. The code will expired also.
     You could always google around for DW Watch discount code.
     Just google it online. Internet is the thing. You can find everything on the Internet right?

Q: Is it trendy? Is this the hottest thing right now ?
A: Seriously? I don't know if it's trendy or not. I like it, i research it, and i buy it.

Q: How would you know if it's authentic ?
A: I don't know man. I purchase it from their official website. Isn't that the 
     best place to purchase it? Plus they provide a small booklet which includes 2 years warranty.

Q: Is it safe to purchase it online ?
A: From my point of view, they have the best tracking system. I manage to track my
     parcel from where they start shipping from Sweden and from another country to another country.
     They also have an exact confirmation to let you know the day you will be receiving.
     I keep track my parcel online and they keep you updated pretty fast.

I hope this may seems a lil bit useful for those who are planning to buy.

Cookie L

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