Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival 2014

Been here during the previous KL Vintage festival 2014 at Stadium Merdeka.
Here's my photo diary.

Overall conclusion i didn't manage to get anything and this place was really bad than
how i imagine. It was boring. But i enjoy sight seeing those vintage things.
One bad things about this festival is that they have
TOO MUCH OLD CLOTHES SELLING AT HERE !Anddddd it's all yellowish. I feel so dizzy staring at those stuff.
Plus, too much black and super worn out Birkenstock shoes.
Tell me, who really gonna buy that shit? Tell me!

Signing off. Bye.

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20 Random Facts that you don't know about me

Here a short 20 random facts about me. Maybe 20 is not enough but well..

1)   I'm the eldest child between my siblings and i'm very fierce sister.

2)   I'm 162 cm and i always wish i was a bit more taller but now.. im happy with my height :)

3)   I would say i'm the funniest girl among all of my friend. Believe me, i could crack lot's 
      of jokes and could make you wanna run away from my cold jokes.

4)   I never dated anyone during my high school time. Because i use to feel that dating during school
      times isn't good :X But i use to stalk a senior which is also a librarian. I stalk him
      every wednesday and i always hide in a corner with a book haha. *crazy* I think he look very
      cute and he had a bright smile :X ( sorry if i ever scare you before )
5)   I lack of confidence. That's what i'm trying to gain in my life. Yes, CONFIDENCE.
      But luckily i changed a lot, from a very low self-esteem person to someone who is talkative now.

6)   I'm a dog lover and i use to name all my pets with food name. Hehe. But i was bite by a stray dog 
      before when i am offering food to it T__T Now i'm a bit afraid of fierce dogs. I wish to own a 
      Shiba Inu dog someday !!! Love them to the max. So fluffy i could die.

7)   I'm bad with colors. I think i have bad fashion sense and so does it when it comes to doing design.

8)   I don't like short skirts or mini skirts. I have phobia wearing it ever since smtg happen to me
      during my childhood times. But i love dresses and maxi dress!

9)   I don't know how to wear high heels .___. I'm scare of falling down.

10) I love hearing songs every morning. That's what makes me feel fresh in the morning.

11) Indie songs, korean songs from Davichi and english songs are my favourite. To be honest,
      i don't like rock songs and those aunty uncle karaoke songs :X

12) I like to have my food first then only i brush my teeth. I feel cleaner that way.

13) I like caucasian babies. Those with blue eyes you know ~ I can scream inside my heart.

14) I like tall guys with a sense of fashion and humour. But i adore guys with clean and white teeth!
      I just don't know why but i have a thing for guys with cute smiles.

15) I hate the smells of cigarettes. So i really hate smoker. I don't smoke but i shisha once in a while.

16) I want to make a YouTube channel of my own someday. Still collecting my courage to do so.

17) I love my best friend a lot. They means a lot to me. They the one who stand for me when i'm
      down and always be there for me. Thanks banana human. ( secret )

18) I think i have a disease call as wanderlust? I keep spending all my salary just for travelling.
      Which is bad cuz i wouldn't have any money when there's an emergency. I want to go Korea
      so badly. Might wanna look like one hahaha.

19) I don't eat raw food. Like sashimi. I will vomit.

20) I wanna grow old with someone that i love and who is adorable and can accept who i am
      and stay playful with me even thou both of us are old by that time :) I am not a picky person but
      ya i always fall for the wrong person :(

Okay that's all for some 20 random facts. 

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Crazy Crabs @ Oasis, Ara Damansara

Was here few weeks ago for the first time at Oasis, Ara Damansara for dinner.
This place seems pretty far away and but it the crowd was mostly families during the weekend.
The one we dine on that night was Crazy Crabs. I never heard of it but seems like it's new.

Crazy Crabs
Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.


A Book Worm

I felt that recently i really love reading quotes all day long.
Print screen all the quotes whenever i have time to scroll my Instagram wall.
It's like i'm trying to understand more about my inner souls. haha.

Besides quotes, i also addicted to this two poets which is Lang Leav and Michael Faudet.
They both are lovers and they wrote amazing romantic poems, cheesy, sweet innocent love,
meanwhile the boyfriend wrote dirty pretty things which is more intimate.
I am more into dirty pretty things. It's so into girls mind haha. Can't wait for his book to release.
I love poems ever since secondary school i had read a book about William Shakespeare.
I wanted to go to Paris which there's an old bookstore at there which it's name was 
Shakespeare and Company.

I would be soooo happy if i was there. I love old books. I just don't know why.
I also love going to bookstore and library, i could stay there whole day.
Too bad Malaysia don't have much nice bookstore theme cafe :X and they
don't even have 24 Hours opened bookstore like Taiwan. :X

I realize i'm not really a bookworm but i enjoy reading a very teenage girl kind of books,
i don't read romance type, but i like something cheesy with a taste of humourous in it.
Currently i'm reading this one which it's name was The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

This book was pretty fun to read with. I could laugh alone while reading it.
I haven finish reading it yet but gonna find some time to finish it.
I bought this from a website name Book Depository. It's a great website
to purchase books online in a cheaper ways. They also provide FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!
I'm still waiting another book that i purchase from them. It's a pre-order one.
For those bookworms you may love this website like me myself! 
But you may need a card with Visa to purchase it.
Just borrow from parent if you don't have one :X

Hope you all love my geeky post today :)

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A month to remember!

Hi September ! Even thou it's not a special month but hopefully everything go well again this month :)
So here i feel like flashing back some of my last month update.
Supposedly i should blog about it by the end of August but too busy to update
but here it goes. I think i had too many outing last month. ( I feel very broke )

Firstly i big throwback to this choco banana wrap at Dip n Dip Bangsar!
I am not a chocolate lover but this one really dig my appetite!

Then another big date to remember with Mr.K on August which is our 2 year anniversary :D
But a not so happy food dining experience at Porcelene @ Empire Damansara.

Then second celebration at Muugu @ Bukit Bintang.
Seriously their steak are good and the food are in affordable price.
The environment was okay as we went on weekdays and it wasn't crowded at all.
It was a restaurant inside a huge bungalow with spacious parking lot.
I'm happy with the food here. I would recommend this place for dining.

Thai cuisine with my beloved colleague. Seriously working at KL area was a super stress thing.
Everything is expensive especially when you wanna get out for lunch.
I guess i will start packing my own lunch box :/ Btw this is at Celadon @ Pavilion.
The food was nice, my favourite will be the Tomyam soup! Plus, i don't eat fancy food everyday ok?

Beside foodie, i also receive sponsorship from Catbit Boutique which is located at Times Square.
Love all the fashion snaps i had on August. You all may check it out their Facebook page at (Here)
My favourite will be Midi skirts. I love Midi Skirts this day !

Beside that i also receive Hair treatment sponsored by Kimarie Saloon @ Sg Wang branch.
The treatment that i receive was Matrix Biolage Smoothing hair mask and i also did
Matrix Biolage Cooling Mint Scalp mask ! Thanks to Roy for that.
( Find him at Sg Wang! His service are good and he will chat with you a lot haha ! )
My scalp feel so cool and refreshing at the same time. No more itchy hair :D

So here's the outing part, i went out every weekend for this. I was super tired,
luckily i get to rest on Monday ( which is today ) as a replacement for Merdeka Day so i get
to have some time to update this. So here it goes my super broke outing every week.

First week, with my BFF ( Ian & Weng Sze / No Alex hahahhaha )  as usual,
can't stay alive without seeing their face.
They make me crazy, happy and most important they love me :DD *perasaan mood*
Met Jan when we are on our way back home, love her new hair do. Striking color aren't they?

Second week, met my Hong Kong friend for the first time !!! Her name is Tania.
Now i miss her. She's super funny and friendly, so not all Hongkies are rude okay?
Also she brought along a friend of her which she worry Tania will get lost alone. So sweet :)

Third week!! A day before i went to MTV world stage at sunway and the next day i'm meeting
my fave two ! These two always bring me laughters. I love them so much.
Wouldn't forget to mention their name ( Pricilla in the middle and Miss Burung hantu on the right )

Phew and finally end of August, outing with Rex. We had an awesome catch up session
even thou it was short but we scream a lot during karaoke session haha. See u soon <3

Finally, end of outing post and i went to KL Vintage Festival at Stadium Merdeka.
It was superb boring and yeap boring except those vintage cars i saw. lol.

Lastly some books that i bought recently and there's an author that i really adore.
Please you all go find out Lang Leav books! It's super adorable!
And also my new DW watch ~ Happy girl but super broke.

That's all for some August throwback !
Gonna prepare to sleep! Bye bye ~

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