A Book Worm

I felt that recently i really love reading quotes all day long.
Print screen all the quotes whenever i have time to scroll my Instagram wall.
It's like i'm trying to understand more about my inner souls. haha.

Besides quotes, i also addicted to this two poets which is Lang Leav and Michael Faudet.
They both are lovers and they wrote amazing romantic poems, cheesy, sweet innocent love,
meanwhile the boyfriend wrote dirty pretty things which is more intimate.
I am more into dirty pretty things. It's so into girls mind haha. Can't wait for his book to release.
I love poems ever since secondary school i had read a book about William Shakespeare.
I wanted to go to Paris which there's an old bookstore at there which it's name was 
Shakespeare and Company.

I would be soooo happy if i was there. I love old books. I just don't know why.
I also love going to bookstore and library, i could stay there whole day.
Too bad Malaysia don't have much nice bookstore theme cafe :X and they
don't even have 24 Hours opened bookstore like Taiwan. :X

I realize i'm not really a bookworm but i enjoy reading a very teenage girl kind of books,
i don't read romance type, but i like something cheesy with a taste of humourous in it.
Currently i'm reading this one which it's name was The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

This book was pretty fun to read with. I could laugh alone while reading it.
I haven finish reading it yet but gonna find some time to finish it.
I bought this from a website name Book Depository. It's a great website
to purchase books online in a cheaper ways. They also provide FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!
I'm still waiting another book that i purchase from them. It's a pre-order one.
For those bookworms you may love this website like me myself! 
But you may need a card with Visa to purchase it.
Just borrow from parent if you don't have one :X

Hope you all love my geeky post today :)

Cookie L

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