Crazy Crabs @ Oasis, Ara Damansara

Was here few weeks ago for the first time at Oasis, Ara Damansara for dinner.
This place seems pretty far away and but it the crowd was mostly families during the weekend.
The one we dine on that night was Crazy Crabs. I never heard of it but seems like it's new.

Crazy Crabs
Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Luckily we make a reservation on that day, or else it's hard to get a table.
It was on weekend and yes family dinner time. You know as usual, human jam.
Here's a view of their menu here. The price wasn't cheap. But it will be best affordable to eat
with a bunch of friends or groups of people together.

As i heard from the Manager there, they only serves big crabs. So no small crabs.
Here's what we ordered :

Butter Milk crab 
- The taste was okay. Nothing special about it. But the crab was really fresh but the milk texture 
  was a bit too much.

Curry Fish Head ( Medium )
- The fish fillings was a bit too little. But overall taste was okay.

Siong Tong lala
- This was actually kapak ( another type of lala ) But i prefer the original type of lala.
   The broth was nice i like the taste of chinese wine they add in to blend with it.

Thai Style Taofu ( Medium )
- The sauce doesn't make it feel too tempting but the way the fried the taofu was a bit soft.

I almost forgot we also ordered a plate of lamb. That kind of grilled type. It was sooo good.
Partially i think i like the lamb out of all of this dishes the most and i didn't took picture of it
as it doesn't look appetizing but taste good and meanwhile my hand is dirty from grabbing those crab.
Hahah. In conclusion, it's recommended to go for a try but the price was a bit pricey.
I also think that they lack of staff, in asking for a bowl of rice, it can take them for
20minute to get back to us.
The service was really really bad. I hope they really improve on that.

Signing off.

Cookie L

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