Guinness Amplify 2014 , KL Live

 Last Saturday night was an awesome one. Finally getting off my butt from the chair and went
for a Live Music show at KL Live for these Guinness Amplify finale show.
Best Part of all? Getting to hear Magic! singing live in front of my eyes.
Who wouldn't know the best topping song chart "Rude"?!

Btw, here's my photo diary for that night.
So many local singers had been involved. Nice right?

Here a groupfie of my happy partner of the night!

 When i reach there it's already 9.30pm and i manage to hear some play from DJ LAW.

 Some token for being a good girl and free beer here it goes!

Then finally Magic! turn out! Trust me, it was an incredible and clear music.
Except there's a few people keep smoking non stop in front of me which is annoying.

It was a great memories hanging out with you guys.
Next check list, Urbanscape 2014 ! Yeahhh.
Till then, signing off. Ta-ta.

Cookie L

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