Yesterday was the day i lost my Iphone.
Damn that experience.
Nobody wanted that feeling. Losing your smartphone and get stolen.
Mine was stolen in the monorail. It was so quick that i don't even notice :(
I was sick the whole day, stepping my way through this crowded monorail.
Sigh.. I feel super regretted for not slipping my phone dipper into my pocket.
It was so hard when you are trying to balance yourself and people keep push
into you and then when you realize you are alright, your phone is gone.

I guess it's the tactic for pick pockets.
There must be a gang of them helping each other.
I feel so upset, i never back up all my info and contacts.

I felt that i am really clumsy.
I always met pick pocket and i don't know who they are.
How can i even travel smart when i'm alone in the future?
I always had this problem since i was 7.
During primary school time, every time i change a new purse,
it always gone! My pencil box and stuff and forever my money was gone.

Maybe i appear weak, it's always okay for them to bully me and steal my things.
That's what the society do to survive.
I'm just too weak. I'm trying.. really hard. Really.

A new phone will just do?
I mean i can survive without all this social media thing but..
without remembering numbers on the phone, it's really stress people out.

That's what they say, do not RELY on your smartphone.
I guess that is really right.

I don't want to curse the stealer but i really hope you have forever bad luck.
You bully a young lady who is super tired and exhausted on the way back from work
and she's sick, high fever, flu and cough. I HATE YOU.
Eventhou you will never know.

Find My Iphone apps never works.
I just wish you could never sell out and on my iphone forever.

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