Redang Photo Diary

Redang Island, Pulau Redang, 21090 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia
Well i just get back from Redang like two weeks ago?
It was a short and a fun company trip. It was actually a team building "thingy".
Sounds boring and didn't know it turn out to be pretty fun :D
I had fun, new friends ( i mean new colleague haha ) and some relaxing time
walking along the beach and the sand were so so so fluffy!! 
Best thing out of these was, the beautiful sea and the shiny stars all over the sky at night!
It was so calming i decided to lay on the bench at night. 
My camera can't snap the sky so yea... but here a short photo diary :)
Had my first domestic fly with Firefly and it was a great experience except
the second trip. I felt so dizzy as the airplane keep shaking all the way back to subang airport.

55minute flying and off we go from Terengganu airport and to Ferry take 20minute?

After an hour plus of ferry ride.. finally it's Redang beach !!!
Omg please stare at the sea. So beautiful ! We stayed at Laguna Beach. It was awesome.
Especially the buffet and beers everywhere, and live band.

Snorkelling time !

I manage to see sea turtle  !! I really need a waterproof camera :X

Will come back to redang again someday.
Happy moment left for 3 days at here.

Cookie L

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