Guess what? I'm getting myself my first SkinnyMint product!
If you didn't know what is SkinnyMint.. It's a detoxifying tea product.
Which i am getting the 28 day teatox challenge!
I hope i can see some difference after researching and find out
a lot users manage to have a better tummy and the best thing is to cure your bloating tummy.
I wish all my fats will just flushed away by the tea but well of course not.

In these product, they have the morning boost and the night cleanse.
Morning boost contain 28 tea bags while night cleanse 14 tea bags.
I was told that the night cleanse should be drink 2 days once.

I just started Day 2 now ~ ~
This tea really cost a boom! But let see if it work ok? I will make good review about it :)
Anyway great news! I manage to tick off one of my resolution, i'm finally joining the marathon run!
It's going to be so exciting for 10km run ! I feel so motivated to stay fit and healthy :)
So happy :D Till then, will update again this product review.

Cookie L

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