Sweater Fashion

My very first Fashion Editorial!
What's on my mind was.. i'm trying to style 3 Look that we can wear 
sweater style at Malaysia. You all know Malaysia was pretty hot all the time
thus it's pretty hard to wear sweater. People might say you're crazy!
But these days, it's the rain season, plus the sweater that i got wasn't thick.
Just slightly thin and comfy to wear on the go.
I got this from Catbit Boutique and have it paired with three different looks.

Here it goes my 3 Casual Looks.


Feeling 23 ( But i'm not )

It's funny when i keep make mistake with my own age. Does this ever happen to you?
To me it happen at the time. When people are talking about age, my mind telling me that i'm 23.
But the true is i'm younger than that age one year. I don't know if that a bad idea or good one.
I guess it's just the people around me make me change. You know that thing?

Growing up. Speaking of growing up it's all about getting mature and more responsible
coming up all the way in your life. It's great having matured friends. They make you think wise.

There's piles of bills
Insurance, banking stuff, monthly pays, taxes
and cars which haven apply to me yet. So much commitment.
Always about spending less but it's really hard. Can they just raise our salary?

Choosing friends
I wonder if it's just a me thing or not. Getting older. I choose friends.
I choose not to hang out with so much Hi Bye friend. I mean really, hi bye friends.
I'm too tired to just smile and fake asking about each other life when both of you
are too lazy / not interested in each other anyway but still faking to say hi you look gorgeous.
But yea, i don't really bother to hang out. You have to jerk out money for hanging out?
It's not me. I don't wanna waste money hanging out with someone who doesn't bother to
talk to you for years and yet asking for hey wanna come to my birthday party?

Urgh. No thanks. I won't jerk out my money for the bloody gift. Thanks no thank.

Being someone who always wanted freedom. It's always fun to plan things ahead and
reading travel blog. I wanted to go for a working holiday journey someday.
It gonna be fun and always choose the right partner. I had a worse experience before.
It's not gonna be happy if you just wanna drag someone along just to snap photo for you.
Go hire a personal photographer if you wanted to.

The Internet Thing
When you started to feel like those internet fame is really not your thing.
It's mine too. I don't care if i have lesser likes or people unfollow me on Instagram now.
No feeling means no feeling yo~ If you have to care every single thing what people do
to you and that's make you sad? Sorry that's not gonna be me,

Staying Healthy
When drinking up all night and hangover is your thing. That's not mine.
I hate wasting up my another day waking up at noon. I just can't.
A lil drink is okay, hangover? It's a no no. I started to eat healthy and stay away from
fast food nowadays. Life is too short for you to stay unhealthy.
Did i mention before i'm joining marathon? It's gonna be fun.

Personal Time
Having a life of working full time and blogging as my part time job, it's 
always nice to get to know new friends. But nowadays, personal time it's like my favorite.
I have so much excuse for not leaving my house. Sometimes i just wanted the weekend all
by myself. Either way i just have some cleaning day, folding my forever messy wardrobe,
changing bed sheets, sweeping off all my hairs plus my dog Poppy fur.
I love to spend my cozy weekend blasting indie songs i like or jazz would probably likeable.
Not to forget a cup of hot rose tea while i could stay on my bed whole day with my lazy hair
my lazy face, my pajamas and a good read.

Hopefully i'm not getting any older but i guess i am still playful, annoying as ever.
But i don't care what people think. That's what i try to grow out of my low self-esteem me.
December is popping out soon, Can't wait till Christmas. 
My favorite month :)

Till then,

Cookie L
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