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My very first Fashion Editorial!
What's on my mind was.. i'm trying to style 3 Look that we can wear 
sweater style at Malaysia. You all know Malaysia was pretty hot all the time
thus it's pretty hard to wear sweater. People might say you're crazy!
But these days, it's the rain season, plus the sweater that i got wasn't thick.
Just slightly thin and comfy to wear on the go.
I got this from Catbit Boutique and have it paired with three different looks.

Here it goes my 3 Casual Looks.

Look One 

Casual Malaysian girl looks. When i am talking about Malaysian girl look,
i am really into it. Why not creating looks or style like our own self that even 
our local girls love it? This may sound confusing or hard to understand.
But my meaning is, why not making the Malaysian Style lovable when you can?
Like how you and me love Korean Style, British Style, Japanese Style.
While you can, i mean all of you, i think there should be a starting point where you
create your style and name it the Malaysian Style. You got it?

Okay. So here my first look paired with short pants and sandals.

Top   :  Catbit Boutique
Pant   :  Bershka Thailand
Shoe  :  Rubi

Look Two

Second look i paired with a high waist ripped jeans and a white converse shoe 
to make the whole outfit look more casual and a little boyish for my style.
I love sneakers. They make me look so cool. Haha.
Then i also had this black leather bag which i got from Forever 21 @ Penang
when i first travel to Penang few months ago. Yes for the very first time.
Then i had an eye on this bag and i bought it afterwards.
It had been my favorite bag ever since then. I can carry it to work and shopping.
Just everywhere i go.

Top   :  Catbit Boutique
Pant  :  Catbit Boutique
Bag   :  Forever 21
Shoe  :  Converse

Look Three

Last look was pretty much my favorite as i really really into midi length kind of skirts.
It was a quick change as i just had it replace the jeans look into a more girly kind of outfit.
Easy to pair and very to quick to wear on a rush. Just saying. Haha.

Photo by  : Mr K
Edited by : Me
That's all for today.
Thanks for reading :)
Let me know which Look you like the most?
Leave a comment below!

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