Torii @ TTDI

There's always something i love about Japanese food.
Fresh squids, chuka lidako, miso soup, ramen and fresh seafood.
This time i get to try something different rather than eating sushi all the time.

Last Sunday, brought Mr K to Torii at TTDI.
They are specializes in serving yakitori which is another genre of Japanese cuisine
including grilling and i love hot grilled food and that's part of the reason i'm here.
But also to celebrate Mr K Birthday hehh.

The environment was pretty cozy and quiet for those who go
for a peaceful dinner like me and my partner.

Happy Birthday again B!

Blue Fin Tuna Salad ( RM22 )
A mix of mango, cilantro, safron & balsamic dressing.
Not really my favorite cuz it's serve with raw tuna fish :(

I didn't read the menu clearly thou.

Squid Tentacles ( RM8 )
Super chewy and a bit's of sea salt make it taste even fresh!
Scallop ( RM10 )
I love the sauce and bits of chilies on top of it!

Triflavor Baby Cuttlefish ( RM6 )
These baby cuttlefish are my favorite! We actually
ordered twice from the menu. First this is really really good
and yes triflavour that means there are three flavors of it!
My fave was the salty one. Salty food is always fine with me :p
Salmon Cubes ( RM10 )
Freshly grilled salmon fish

Foie Gras & Beef Gyoza ( RM22 )
Our main dish comes a lil bit after of the skewers but it's okay.
I thought i read wrongly about the beef gyoza but i'm not.
It's beef inside dumplings! It taste very chewy and savoring.

Avocado De La Mer ( RM18 )
One of my favorite main dish! With it's baked cheese seafood,
i can feel the crisp texture of the shrimp in my mouth
and the mixture of avocado. It just taste so fine. This dish is totally a must try!

Finally we ended up ordering a dessert. Not really 'we'. I insisted to try these
Green Tea Creme Brulee + White Chocolate Lavender Ice Cream (RM 22 )
It was so good that someone from another table asked me
how do i rate this one of of ten? I said i give 8 out of 10.

It was so good. I never try green tea creme brulee.
It was a great combination and not to forget the white choc lavender ice cream.
Everything was so so good.

Overall my dining experience was really good at here. Except it seems like it's
forever fully booked in this restaurant. Be sure to make a call for reservation before you go.
Plus! They are pork free! Good for muslim consumers.

Torii Location :
18 Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, TTDI, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

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