Dancing with December

It's almost the end of December, and yes 2014 is going to end.
How's the yearly resolution been working on? Now lemme think back..
Er probably made a few happens and a few not really achieving but..
Yes fats.. probably girls biggest problem. Well to me, i only wanted a flat abs. That's all.
That's how it goes when your age is increasing and the body metabolism would be weak slowly.

Talking about myself, i don't really have much to update except i'm boiling Korean drama
all night after i get back home from work. Not a Korean drama junkie but.. i will get
addicted if the drama story is interesting. Recently i started watching Pinocchio, The Greatest
Marriage which kind of make me in rage in every episode & another one call Born of a Beauty.

Then i got a new hair style which is now a permanent curl and everyone seems to like it!
But i still get annoy by that curls. You gonna be so hardworking to fix it.

Then, working life had been good to me, at least i had a job to keep me moving and yet
still learning and keep myself going one. Blogging life..hmm not really strong.
Sometime, i am just too tired to think what i should blog about or just..trying too hard
to blog out something interesting. Plus, I just lost my SD card T_T wtf

Oh and I'm pretty broke these day. I will work harder again for the coming 2015 !
More advertorials for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~~ Thankiu.

Now let's have fun since it's the end of the year and two more week to go
full with festive seasons and yes my Birthday !!! More plans thank you!

Cookie L

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