It's The Ship 2015 / Recap

Finally an update on my dead blog.
I was back from a cruise like two weeks ago?
It was like my first time being on a cruise?
Like really really cool. Can you believe stuff like this?
Like you're watching some kind of random videos on Facebook about people
partying on the cruise and stuff like that? Then the next month you're actually doing it?
I know this is super random but shit this is real. Like raving on the middle of the sea for 3 nights?
It was crazy. Super crazy. I feel old and i totally when MIA on certain time just to get some sleep.

Lucky me, I get to won this trip and have the whole room by myself.
Not to forget going with one of my crazy woman and her boyfriend.
Without them, I probably had just gave up on going and i'm not blogging about this right now.

But anyway if you don't know about It's The Ship. You probably missing out a lot.
But hey here's a recap of my trip. 


Skincare Haul from Kiehl's Malaysia

It's been a while i never really talk a little bit about my skin regime cuz i didn't take
good care of my own skin :/ I'm like meh.
But until recently, my skin gone really bad and it's lot's of acne breakout.
It was so scary not to exclude the dark spot, blemishes and tons of oil pearl on my nose.
Seriously it was so scary and i look like a crap.

So....... i decided to make it up myself.
Treat my skin nicely and heal it as soon as possible.
This is totally not a sponsored post by Kiehl's. Just my kind of own grandma story here.

I actually received lot's of Kiehl's samples during their previous Kiehl's Heritage roadshow.
I mean samples is good man. They make you get to try on those products before you wanna purchase.

There is one which is this Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate cream.
It's to brighten your under eyes and reduce dark eye circle.
I had tried the sample it was real good stuff. So i actually went to bought this eye cream
the other day and went back home but realize it was spoiled. 
Dark liquid spilled out and im like omfg.


Mina Magazine Japan October 2015

Kiko Mizuhara in Mina magazine Japan 2015 October.
Probably another one of my favorite collections.

Too perfect.



Gogi King @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Okay so this is my another favorite kind of post which is fooooooood.
Since i had started eating clean for a week now, i decided i'll just have to flashback
all them good food in previous month and heck yea it's September now.

So i'm a crazy korean food lover. I crave korean food all the time.
A good side dish make a good bomb, Am i over reacting? Nah.
Believe me, if you never find a good korean food restaurant at KL.
Hop around and try until you found the right one for you.

To me i enjoy a good bbq restaurant and a good korean family restaurant.
The differences was :

A BBQ Restaurant only consist of BBQ ( duh ) plus just choices of
some simple topokki ( Stir Fried Rice-Cake ),
some rolled rices ( assorted selections ) and some pancakes.

Well and a Korean Family Restaurant serves more!
Like from noodle to rice there's so much you can pick!
And not to forget dozens of yummy sides :X I love them so so much.
Especially the anchovies and si ham okay? ( clam )

So today i'm gonna blog about this new BBQ restaurant at Mont Kiara which i visited
recently and it was good. It it wasn't for the overwhelming crowd at Sae Ma Eul
i don't think i'll try another restaurant. I'm some one that would stick with the
same resto that i love until well i'll never get bored of em except... they changed their menu
and my favorite dishes is gone. Then boom.. you lost one of your loyal customer. :X

So Gogi King they served BBG with cheese on it's side! Not to mention the steam eggs as well.
I love the combination of BBQ meats with cheese wrapped with the lettuce.

I ordered pork belly ( RM20 ) as usual and with squids ( RM22 ) following up.
It was pretty late when i had this so i decided to order lesser.

This is how you do it, dip with cheeseeeeeeeeeeee.
Oh don't say i didn't mention. Cheese are refillable with money.


Merchant Lane @ Jalan Petaling

So you now I'm in a good mood if I'm gonna blog about food twice a week.
Okay maybe I just feel like updating some nice picture on my blog.

There been this very vintage and authentic looking cafe newly opened at Petaling street so
ze B and Me decided to pay a visit on this lazy Sunday.

It's name was Merchant Lane at Jalan Petaling.
Something tell me that their ambiance was really good so i was excited to go.


Burberry Brit Rhythm Perfume

Just went for a small shopping spree at Sephora Malaysia and I
think i went a little bit overboard.
Was thinking about purchasing new brush head for my Mia 2 and i
end up buying more than I should.
It's bad when there are promoters that tempt you with their promotions.
You get to carve your name on the perfume no matter what brand you buy.
It was so hard finding your own favorite scent. Okay. Maybe for some of you it's easy.
But i got really really picky about finding that perfect good scent for myself.
I love those that floral type, a glimpse of fruity and last long. 
I should learn how to create my own perfume someday hahaha.
Okay anyway here's what i bought.

Here's my name carved! It's some kind of simple happiness :D


C.Michael Hair Salon @ Bangsar

So finally I have time to blog about my recent hair make over session at C.Michael Salon.
It was a long hour but a worth it kind of experience.
It was fun chatting live with my friend / fans on the social media while i'm coloring my hair.
Super long hours until my butt are flat now but luckily there are people that i can talk to.

Oh okay lemme show you my hair makeover progress!


How I'm addicted to Korean culture

So here's when i find out I'm addicted to Korean thingy.
It's all started from Korean drama. So you see now days youngster,
been crazy about kpop and kpop stars had rises like crazy now days.
Good for Korea, it's a well known thing right now.

But during my younger times like 5-6 years ago..when i'm in secondary school,
i'm into Korean drama after coming back from the school in the afternoon i'll
watch the tv when i'm having my lunch and rest. That is how i started to watch
the very first Korean drama and my forever favorites which is "Stairways to Heaven".
This drama make me addicted and cry like a crazy woman. I still remember
watching it and cry and tell my mum the second lead actress is so bad and she make me cry.

It was so so so silly right? Last time, korean drama are so so sad and dramatic.
Now days it changed a lot. The second drama that i watch is ''Gong" which i
watch with my mum and i love this drama also. Then so on i watched "My Girl",
and oh oh oh!! "Coffee Prince" also my favorite! I always wish i'll visit the drama set one day.

Imagine all this drama and compare to now, it become slightly different.
Now they concentrate on asking the singers to act and all are like mostly school love drama.
But there's an exception for "My Love from the Stars", "Sensory Couple"and of course
my all time favorite "Master Sun". Make me cry like crazyyyyyyyy.
Okay it could be just me like all these very sad and dramatic drama.

But talking about kpop songs. During my highschool days,
i'll be listening to tvxq songs. But not those shouting, crazy unknown dance steps
and those auto tone kind of live music shows. But instead, i'm into korean songs
when my best friend introduce me and i'm in love with tvxq talented acapella live performance.
There this one of my very first favorite songs of them which is Balloons, then Rising Sun, Hug,
Summer Dream, Mirotic and omg so damn many songs i adore.

Not trying to be so hardcore but each of them are so talented in singing.
Not like now, all the boys and girls group are just showing more and more of their skins,
changing hair style like changing clothes, so much bleach hair.

Not only i like tvxq, i also like bigbang during their Haru Haru song debut and then
Epik High which is the coolest rap group i ever love. I love the song Fan so much!
I'll remember the whole MV forever. It's abit crazy anyway.

Oh then, The Brown Eyed Girls. No crazy show off skin kind of girls group.
Talented and good in singing and not to forget Lee-Hyori and Boa.

This is very much a korean post thing.
I don't know about anyone but this are the facts that makes me want to visit korea.
Oh not to forget their colorful cosmetics and skincare. They drive me crazy.
Can't wait to save lot's of money and visit Korea soon.
Can Korea Tourism sponsor meeeeeeeeeeeee?
I wanted to try a lot of korean food like jjajangmian, tteokbokki is the first korean
snacks i ever tried when i'm 14 years old. There's this korean couple selling
them at my house area and then i started to dine at Korean restaurant.
Just with all those fancy side dishes, I AM DONE

Just soooooo good :)

I'll guess that's it. I'm tired of typing now.
Goodnight. Will visit you soon Seoul.

Cookie L


Blow a kiss, fire a gun

Finally come back from a short vacay!
My skin turned so much tanner. I had lot's of Tomyam like almost everyday.
I miss the coconut ice cream the Thai 7-Eleven D:
But....back to work tomorrow in the morning D:
Work work work~~

Will update my Koh Lipe trip soon.
So much photo i wanted to update!

here's my current favorite song!
Enjoy and goodnight.

Cookie L


Hair Date with Number 76 @ Starhill Gallery

There is always a bad hair day to every girls or woman out there everywhere and also myself.
Finally a visit to Number 76 @ Starhill Branch for a hair date.

A date that revive my weak and frizzy dry hair and turn it over into something different.
I was invited by Number 76 for a hair treatment review that day.

I guess i no need to introduce what's Number 76? It's been on the talk everywhere,
Who doesn't know about it? Hmm..No?

It's all started from Japan and reopened many more outlets at Malaysia now.
They have different kind of hair treatment where only Number76 had and others salon do not have.
What make them so special? Let's start with my hair review now :)


Harajuku Cube @ Empire Damansara

Finally the sweet foodie post!!
How expired this post was? Like last month :X

Here's my food photo diary with my babe Karyn xx

She brought me to this currently hot place to have so call Japanese desserts?
It's the Harajuku Cube. Who else haven been there yet must be very out. ( Just kidding )
Luckily we went on weekdays, or else be prepare for the crowd on weekend!!


Bathing Ape Store in Kuala Lumpur ?

There's a Bathing Ape store at KL?
WHY nobody tell me about it?

I mean... SERIOUSLY?

Nah.. Just Kid.ding.

So yesterday I posted a pic of myself with a Bathing Ape bag on my Instagram and all my friend
had been asking did u bought it here?

So i decided to make it mainstream now,
I actually bought it from Kinokuniya, Japanese magazine section.
You may find all different kind of nice tote bag in different magazine.
Mad love and always end up buying and become broke every month.

So here you go. Buy it before it's gone out of stock!
( Totally not advertising for them )

Check out my Instagram anyway : Cookiellu

Cookie L


They don't Sugar Coat you

I didn't know since when realizing being kind is something you do not need to get praise,
getting to feel like something that feel like a burden.

But when I started to work since 2 years ago, there is so many thing I learned to see,
experience and feel the life of the working industry.

Sometimes, I just feel a lil bit hurt for being too nice to someone.
They just gonna act like begging for your help and when there's a problem,
they ask you to figure it out yourself.

I felt like a stab in my heart. Sometimes being nice to someone need a 360 degree turns.
I don't know what I am talking about but yea.. That feeling was really really shitty.

But well, Let. It. Go.

I'll be okay tomorrow.
That's the life gurl.


My Forged Wedding @ Yamato

Have you ever addicted to a game or an App that drive you crazy?
I recently did. I...........actually wasted like..... 20 USD already?
Thanks to this app My Forged Wedding. Okay this is not an advert.
Ok so this is that kind of manga reading app that create a super goooooood prologue
and then drive you to purchase the story to get to know what's gonna happen.

I'm usually not that kind of dumb people that fall for this kind of thing but yes.. I did.
( I may be dumb but i am happy to purchase it! )

The stories are so good like I'm dating such a caring Japanese guy.
Can you imagine my craziness? I really felt that he kiss me, he care for me
and know what I like. Some reviews say that the character Yamato is just so-so.
But I'm like bitchy please? I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him!!!!
He is totally my type. He tease me. He cook. He care He hugs. OMG HUGS!
He don't fall for other girl easily. Only love me. ( yea yea )
He's a physics teacher and the most important thing is i bought all series just to read about him.
wtf i know.

We even fake married.

He even designed me the one and only ring in the world. So fucking romantic i can dieeeee.
He calls me pouty :X Which i do really pout a lot in real life!!!!!!!!!! AHHH wtf. I hate this app.

Sometimes i scream to my Iphone and say why aren't you real?
You're so perfect :X Like omg omg omg. I just cannot.
They even make you to receive that kind of lovey dovey email that make you crazeyyyy!!
Okay probably just me but still gonna show off a bit.

I wish those emails never stop coming but yea it's what they generate to make you happy.

Please don't blame me if you're addicted to this game,
It's like owning a boyfriend oh no. I mean a husband but only in your dream.

But Yamato just look so good in every angle. We will never have such person in real life.
Dear narrator why do you have such great taste and imaginations?
I think i will want a Japanese boyfriend now..If only it's as good as Yamato.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh he play baseball. AHHHHH too hot. 
Okay i'm done with my craziness.

Kbye. Goodnight.


Pimp My ChuLip Event !

Last Saturday, I was joining The Butterfly Project to this Pimp My ChuLip Blogger workshop event.
Okay that was a longgggggg name to describe it.

So it was really nice meeting out new people that day as I was pretty much socially awkward
and kind of stop going out and talk to new friends. 
But well that's where I am that day coming out and have fun on this workshop.

We're here on the Kare Cafe @ One Utama ( opposite Aeon ) during
the late afternoon and we had an interesting afternoon to spend off with.


THRILLER LIVE in Malaysia 2015

xxx Advertisement xxx

Guess what?
From the amazing Jersey Boy Musical show back in 2014 and now were
having the Thriller Live coming in Malaysia 2015 March !

A spectacular musical celebration of the world’s undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

THRILLER LIVE is a spectacular musical created to celebrate
the musical career of the world greatest entertainer, Michael Jackson.
This sensational high octane production is named after Michael Jackson’s
biggest-selling album ( Thriller ) which sold more than 104 million copies.

THRILLER LIVE includes dazzling multi-media effects and remarkable choreography in order 
to bring to life on stage the sensational dancing and sound of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. 
A touring entourage consisting 50 international performers, musicians and crew will bring 
THRILLER LIVE to life in this premiere production.

The show has played for 7 years in the Lyric Theatre, London after opening to sold out 
audiences and standing ovations in 2009. THRILLER LIVE pays homage to Michael Jackson’s 
legendary life performances and magic of his 45 year musical history.  THRILLER LIVE 
entered the record books to become the 20th longest running musical in West End history in 
September 2014 and the longest running musical in Lyric Theatre’s 126-year history.

So what now?

To celebrate the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Milestone Production is 
proud to present THRILLER LIVE all the way from London West End. This 
sensational high octane theatrical extravaganza is named after Michael Jackson’s 
biggest-selling album <Thriller> which sold more than 104 million copies.
This theatrical extravaganza will take center stage at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil 
starting from the 19th till the 26th March 2015.

Get yourself to know about the ticket price on the link / picture below :

Experience a powerful visual, audio and electrifying musical journey of Michael 
Jackson’s illustrious career and DON’T STOP ‘TIL YOU GET ENOUGH of his 
magical 45 years musical journey.  This two hour extravaganza will also feature 
Michael Jackson’s smash hits such as I Want You Back, I'll Be There, Show You The 
Way To Go, Can You Feel It, Rock With You, She's Out Of My Life, Beat It, Billie 
Jean, Earth Song, Thriller plus many more!

So what are you waiting for, just BEAT IT!

Cookie L


W . B

If things could ever be the same as last time, it will never be.
Time flies, peoples change.

Smiles never seems to look the same again.
Jealousy? Nope.

Regrets? Probably no.

If someday someone ever realize my kind of childish is way of expressing
my true self over someone I love and im comfortable being myself without
gettings complain to change who I am.. I will be very happy.

Just mumbling alone when I'm try'na get some sleep.

Just blow me away romantic guy.


Cafe Hopping @ Dal.komn Coffee TTDI

Thought of update my blog a bit after coming back from my hometown
which is a far away places hiding way behind Pahang. Good to be there and also back in KL.
It's been a while I never go for Cafe Hopping and yeah I still cannot accept drinking coffee.
But so far, I actually fancy a glass of good coffee from my hometown. 
I call that my best achievement towards coffee so far. Hehh.

Btw, was back at KL during "Chor 4" ( Day 4 of CNY ) and decided to enjoy
the quiet road of KL and went for movie and enjoy a nice day at some cafe.
I actually saw someone posted a picture of bingsu ( Korean shaved ice cream ) and
it actually look so good until i click on the hashtag and decided to print screen the location
and save it out to go for it someday. I'll guess that's what you need when you wanted to go places.



Was too lazy to update my blog but then suddenly I feel like let's update some of my
current favorite playlist series, Not really current but some happen to be repeated for few months
now no matter when or during my cardio session some of these are my favorite ones.

Cash Cash - Take Me Home

Sia - Elastic Heart

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

Lowell - 88

Bondax - All I See ( Darius Remix )

WEKEED - Wild Child

Hope you guys had a fun eargasm and Happy Chinese New Year in advance,

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