Boracay 2015

Boracay, Malay, Philippines
What I hate about Boracay and what it is actually?

Just came back from a holiday trip from Boracay, Philippines recently.
Flying off the first time in this year of 2015 is a great thing to start of the year.
Imagine the excitement from buying a cheap flight deals from a year ago and the
long awaits finally arrive.

Boracay a small beautiful from Philippines. As all article says, it sea water is as crystal clear 
and as beautiful as Maldives. Or as known as the second Maldives of Asia.
Boracay an island located miles away from Kalibo Airport.

From Malaysia here's my journey to Boracay.

*KLIA 2 with 4 hours of flight to Kalibo Airport 
*Another tiring 2 hours of van/bus/car/ to Caticlan Jetty Port 
*15minutes of paying fees and 20 minutes ride to reach Boracay Island
*15minutes of tricycle to reach the hotel you live ( Mine was Station 3 ) If you live at Station 1
  it might took around 20-30 minutes? )

That's what i learn from travelling to visit other countries island. Yes, it's tiring,
i spend roughly 8 hours to reach the destination. But is this Island worth going?
Let's begin the story behind my journey.

But anyway If you really plan on booking a flight, try doing research about how many hours
you have to travel. Like mine we went for 5 Days and 4 Nights, but we had already spend two
days just to travel from front to back. It was really tiring.

Start from reaching Kalibo Airport. You must be thinking you already reach the Island
don't you? Sorry you're not. Now's this is where you have to make decisions on getting
the Bus or Van or the tricycle. If you really want to experience to real feeling of siting in a
tricycle. I advice you DON'T DO IT. It takes you longer to arrive and all the bumpy roads 
would not make you feel comfortable at all. Yes i mean it. It probably takes you forever to arrive.

From a basic van ride include ferry ticket it will cost you 250peso per person.
You may think you actually want to exclude the ferry ticket package as the ferry tix only
cost 30peso which is less than RM 4. But almost every of the seller had already included it. 
So well. But the journey through the ride is interesting. a new culture that I first see.
Except the driver have an impatient temper. He could hon forever on the road.
Imagine if you're at KL. Probably someone had already kill him on the spot. You know I know.

There's also a small thing happened on the van which me and Mr K had to sit separately
all thanks to a family of rude Koreans. They took our seats and act clueless. So rude.

A super overload of human truck. You could see this everywhere. IT IS TOTALLY NOT SAFE.
But I'll guess it's pretty common at there. Not only trucks, even a small tricycle suppose to
have maximum 6 customer? But they can just fetch anyone just try to stop by a
power of the hand and take the ride. Like bus like that lah.

Once we reach Caticlan Jetty it's only 6pm at night. But the sun had already set.
It's common that 5.30pm and it's the sunset time. Pitch black darkness everywhere.
Before that you gonna pay few fees before you have your ferry ride. 
Prepare small change for that. Reaching Boracay Island by 6 something.
Took a tricycle that charge 100peso ( roughly RM8.10 depends on current rate ) to reach 
the place we stay. No negotiation and the woman that handle the place seems pretty rude too.

That's how my stay at Boracay start to become disaster.
I always thought a holiday on an Island would e very peaceful and relaxing.
But it's not really happen as what I am thinking.
I research so many blogs and reviews and articles about Boracay. It was well known
as clean, pretty and affordable to go. But I was wrong. Everything has change.
As this places had become very well known now and very mainstream for tourist.
Tons of Koreans ahjumma tour, families from China and just too many tourist.

There's Korean language signs everywhere as if mean to attract or buys
Korean Tourist heart. It's too mainstream. There's no sign of Filipino culture.

Waking up on a fine day like this on the next day, I thought it was beautiful.
But you will be welcome with a lots of people. No. Not the holiday people.
The crazy about you salesman, the activity sellers, the massage girls, the sunglasses sellers,
the hats seller, the selfie sticks seller, the waterproof bag seller. Oh not to mention the
kids that sell some lights ball which they keep flip all over in front of your face at night.
No i don't blame them to work hard just to earn a living, but it's too annoying.
It's everywhere. You walk all along the main road all you heard is the shouts of sellers.
That is how yours wannabe disaster has started. 

Oh I forget to mention I live at Turtle Inn at Station 3. Station 3 which they say is the
less noisythat is why i booked there. So far it was really quiet at night but you will wake up
with lot's of boats and boats all over the shores.
That's where they sell you their water sports activity.

But it took me a 5 minute walk from Turtle Inn to the beach. All the way there,
I pass by this house where they have this two naughty dogs.

So naughty and playful as you can see.
But did i mention i came back
with skin allergy? Their workers all pee on top of the boats. Hundreds of boats.
Hundreds and hundreds of workers. Imagine peeing on top of the sea everyday.
Actually, it's really dirty.

To get to know about Boracay, there's actually two side of them.

From  http://www.justonewayticket.com/
Station 1 : Where's that's the luxury hotels are there, cleaner beach i would says. Just book there.
Station 2 : Happening places. not that noisy as you think. Just a lot live bands. Lot's of people.
Station 3 : Quiet and cheaper places to stay, but not clean for sun bath on day light.

Of course the White Beach is nicer and prettier.Bulabog Beach is mroe for kite sports.

This is how Boracay Island look like from top of Mount Luho.
Some expensive ATV / Buggy rides will get you up here. But they view here is worth it.

Here what it looks like from another busy main road.
They have tons of PAWN SHOP like everywhere. Seriously everywhere.
Oh ya and you would not find a single 7-Eleven at here. No 24 hours opened shops for you.

This is how your beautiful attraction place looks like. That is the cleanest part that I could find.
It's from Station 1. It's not that blue as you think.

I also did paraw sailing and parasailing, It was expensive and the service sucks tho.
Try on your luck to meet a nice water sports company. It's everywhere and it's annoying.

Of course not to forget the sunset from Station 2.
It's really pretty and a memorable free experience.

This woman is not me. I like the lights that's why i took this.

That's all for now. Will blog about the food journey after this.
Thanks for reading.

Cookie L.

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