Two Zero One Five

To 2015 another great year ahead, leaving 2014 a total disaster year to Malaysia which
i totally feel grateful to be alive after i had been travelling around since last year.
Which may also not to blame the aviation but also the safety on the road. 
If i have to count back the bad thing that occur to me is that my smartphone was
stolen by pickpocket.

I hope you have it sold and get the money for a good cause
such as......................................... er I don't know. ( Sara keluarga engkaulah )
Oh whatever. Feel too tired to count back all the bad stuff from last year and start cursing.
Then i lost my SD Card -____- all my memories. I'm sad.

So... for this brand new year, i guess i won't put so much high expectations on myself
but what I have to achieve I wish I would make it this year. Proof that the 90's are not
really the disaster okay? I AM TOTALLY THE BETTER 90's.
As long as i am not the late 90's. lol.

Still very happy to get surprise for my Birthday recently.
I really feel so grateful to have someone that would really pamper me & lup me :)
Thank you. You know who you are.

I also feel grateful to have so much nice people around me even thou I had
really cut off some ties with some certain people whom I feel that they are super fake.
So I decided not to contact them anymore so does to those who betray their best friend
for their own benefit that leads them forever stuck with ill minded people.

But any how, I'm grateful to have few but not much of my true friends who still is
real, supportive, lovely, ( okay correction not really lovely ) some are crazy as me,
but i love you guys.

Let's make it another great new year to start of with :)

Cookie L

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