Cafe Hopping @ Dal.komn Coffee TTDI

Thought of update my blog a bit after coming back from my hometown
which is a far away places hiding way behind Pahang. Good to be there and also back in KL.
It's been a while I never go for Cafe Hopping and yeah I still cannot accept drinking coffee.
But so far, I actually fancy a glass of good coffee from my hometown. 
I call that my best achievement towards coffee so far. Hehh.

Btw, was back at KL during "Chor 4" ( Day 4 of CNY ) and decided to enjoy
the quiet road of KL and went for movie and enjoy a nice day at some cafe.
I actually saw someone posted a picture of bingsu ( Korean shaved ice cream ) and
it actually look so good until i click on the hashtag and decided to print screen the location
and save it out to go for it someday. I'll guess that's what you need when you wanted to go places.



Was too lazy to update my blog but then suddenly I feel like let's update some of my
current favorite playlist series, Not really current but some happen to be repeated for few months
now no matter when or during my cardio session some of these are my favorite ones.

Cash Cash - Take Me Home

Sia - Elastic Heart

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

Lowell - 88

Bondax - All I See ( Darius Remix )

WEKEED - Wild Child

Hope you guys had a fun eargasm and Happy Chinese New Year in advance,


Bebe lip Mask @ The Face Shop

So I was a little too free at home and I decided to a small review post about this Bebe Lip Mask
that I bought from The Face Shop months ago when I pass by the shop and there were stuff on sales.

I always have dry, chapped lips. So it was frustrating. I always have to restock lip balms, and always.
So I decided to try on this lip mask since I'm attracted to cute packaging.
I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I guess i wasted a lot money on cute product. 
But totally not for pink and over girly stuff.

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