Pimp My ChuLip Event !

Last Saturday, I was joining The Butterfly Project to this Pimp My ChuLip Blogger workshop event.
Okay that was a longgggggg name to describe it.

So it was really nice meeting out new people that day as I was pretty much socially awkward
and kind of stop going out and talk to new friends. 
But well that's where I am that day coming out and have fun on this workshop.

We're here on the Kare Cafe @ One Utama ( opposite Aeon ) during
the late afternoon and we had an interesting afternoon to spend off with.

But first what is this Pimp My ChuLip is about?
So ChuLip is actually a lip balm product that was made in Japan.
It's the same big company that comes from Mentholatum
They had different type of lip balm series released from them since many years ago.
To be honest, I had been using lip balm from Mentholatum since I was in high school.

But ChuLip is totally a brand new lip balm series to me.
They look so cute as it looks like it's kissing your lips from what you can see from the packaging.

ChuLip had been a distraction to the girls nowadays as it had this different funky colours of
Pink, Red, Purple and Green.

Pick what you like as different scents had it's own unique.

Pink     -  Raspberry and Peach Flavour
Red      -  Apple, Ginger and Tea Rose
Purple  -  Secnt of Rose, Germanium and Clove
Green   -  Orange, Lime and Mango

My favourite was the Purple one. 
Meet my creation : Princess Lilac

From zero to princesso~~

Do you love my creations? It took me 1 hour to finish it.
I told myself you study arts, you better do this craft nicely and I did it!

We had a small decoration contest which the best 3 would
won a Baby-G watch. Guess what? I won the 3rd prize! Feeling lucky and happy at the same time.

Creations by other butterflies ( bloggers ) :

Oh not to mention getting to know a few of this beautiful ladies!

From left : Karmen? ( don't kill me if i spell wrongly ), Janice and Vivian !
( Happy to bump on Vivian cuz we know each other since TheLilacBox event )

I also spend my artsy fartsy time with Nicole ! We meet each other through an event as well :)

I also enjoy the mini Oreo cookies cupcake served by Kare Cafe <33

Besides, ChuLip is running a campaign in partnership with Watsons, which will be ongoing from
5th March until 31st of March 2015.

Just style your ChuLip with your own creativity, get the finger moving and If you're lucky
enough you may get yourself to win an Ipad Mini3 or a set of Chu Lip lipbalm.

Just take a photo of your finished creative artwork and upload it onto :

Good luck and have fun ~~

Cookie L

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