Bathing Ape Store in Kuala Lumpur ?

There's a Bathing Ape store at KL?
WHY nobody tell me about it?

I mean... SERIOUSLY?

Nah.. Just Kid.ding.

So yesterday I posted a pic of myself with a Bathing Ape bag on my Instagram and all my friend
had been asking did u bought it here?

So i decided to make it mainstream now,
I actually bought it from Kinokuniya, Japanese magazine section.
You may find all different kind of nice tote bag in different magazine.
Mad love and always end up buying and become broke every month.

So here you go. Buy it before it's gone out of stock!
( Totally not advertising for them )

Check out my Instagram anyway : Cookiellu

Cookie L


They don't Sugar Coat you

I didn't know since when realizing being kind is something you do not need to get praise,
getting to feel like something that feel like a burden.

But when I started to work since 2 years ago, there is so many thing I learned to see,
experience and feel the life of the working industry.

Sometimes, I just feel a lil bit hurt for being too nice to someone.
They just gonna act like begging for your help and when there's a problem,
they ask you to figure it out yourself.

I felt like a stab in my heart. Sometimes being nice to someone need a 360 degree turns.
I don't know what I am talking about but yea.. That feeling was really really shitty.

But well, Let. It. Go.

I'll be okay tomorrow.
That's the life gurl.

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