Blow a kiss, fire a gun

Finally come back from a short vacay!
My skin turned so much tanner. I had lot's of Tomyam like almost everyday.
I miss the coconut ice cream the Thai 7-Eleven D:
But....back to work tomorrow in the morning D:
Work work work~~

Will update my Koh Lipe trip soon.
So much photo i wanted to update!

here's my current favorite song!
Enjoy and goodnight.

Cookie L


Hair Date with Number 76 @ Starhill Gallery

There is always a bad hair day to every girls or woman out there everywhere and also myself.
Finally a visit to Number 76 @ Starhill Branch for a hair date.

A date that revive my weak and frizzy dry hair and turn it over into something different.
I was invited by Number 76 for a hair treatment review that day.

I guess i no need to introduce what's Number 76? It's been on the talk everywhere,
Who doesn't know about it? Hmm..No?

It's all started from Japan and reopened many more outlets at Malaysia now.
They have different kind of hair treatment where only Number76 had and others salon do not have.
What make them so special? Let's start with my hair review now :)


Harajuku Cube @ Empire Damansara

Finally the sweet foodie post!!
How expired this post was? Like last month :X

Here's my food photo diary with my babe Karyn xx

She brought me to this currently hot place to have so call Japanese desserts?
It's the Harajuku Cube. Who else haven been there yet must be very out. ( Just kidding )
Luckily we went on weekdays, or else be prepare for the crowd on weekend!!

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