Hair Date with Number 76 @ Starhill Gallery

There is always a bad hair day to every girls or woman out there everywhere and also myself.
Finally a visit to Number 76 @ Starhill Branch for a hair date.

A date that revive my weak and frizzy dry hair and turn it over into something different.
I was invited by Number 76 for a hair treatment review that day.

I guess i no need to introduce what's Number 76? It's been on the talk everywhere,
Who doesn't know about it? Hmm..No?

It's all started from Japan and reopened many more outlets at Malaysia now.
They have different kind of hair treatment where only Number76 had and others salon do not have.
What make them so special? Let's start with my hair review now :)

I was appointed with Xuan my personal stylist of the day.
She's also the one that give me this airy fringe hair cut months ago.
Can't believe I was appointed back to her again.
Even thou she had a bit forgotten about me but now okay.

So here's a photo of me before my hair make over.
I had frizzy, lousy, oily scalp kind of hair. I just need a little bit of miracle to save my hair.

This is how my hair look like before any hair treatment.
Quan suggest that I should do Tansan Sparkling Scalp Hair care to clean away all my
oily scalps and let's see how it works!

It felt a litte bit chilly and refreshing on your scalp adding soda or also known as Co2
with the water while washing my hair. I always ask for cold water when they wash my hair.
It felt like my scalp is happy and stay away from warm or hot water hahahaha.

This is what it looks like after my tansan hair wash!
It's a cup showing all my nasty dandruff and oilsssssssssssssss. Ew i know.
But it's all gone now. *smirk*

Not to forget a series of these awesome shampoo series during my hair wash.

Thanks Francis! You're such a nice guy!

Next i'm pampered with their signature treatment Ultrasonic Premium.
This treatment will make your hair Smoother. Softer . Stronger. 

The best thing about this Ultrasonic treatment? It's not hot, it does't spoil your current style
no matter you had curls or not it would not straighten your hair at all.

It had this cooling sensation when you use your finger to touch it.
It only react to water and absorb into particles.
The magical part about it is that it will penetrate all the treatments into your hair even effectively.
If you have coloured hair, dry and damage hair like me. You need this now WOMAN.

It's a cold iron. Sibeh canggih. I know. But it works so well. omo.
It feels so good when people are beautifying your hair.
I feel like a celeb wannabe. Hahaha. Oh spot my "Gudetama phone cover"!

Hi Xuan! Thanks for your observant and gentle service!
I like people that make my hair pretty >_<
My hair feel so soft and smooth now. I had been touching my hair for days now.
I usually don't do that as I have frizzy dry hair before so every time if I try to touch
i scare i will pull off my hair hahaha but now I don't care anymore.

For more information you may check it out on : http://www.number76.com/

Number76 Starhill

S4, pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

p/s : Here's an extra photo of my hair after Day 5.
Still shiny and soft as ever!!

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Cookie L

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