Harajuku Cube @ Empire Damansara

Finally the sweet foodie post!!
How expired this post was? Like last month :X

Here's my food photo diary with my babe Karyn xx

She brought me to this currently hot place to have so call Japanese desserts?
It's the Harajuku Cube. Who else haven been there yet must be very out. ( Just kidding )
Luckily we went on weekdays, or else be prepare for the crowd on weekend!!

They say, woman tends to have two stomach, one if for proper food and another tend to fits
the desserts. So what do you say? But I believe i had a huge stomach as I'm hungry all the time.

So much happy stares.

Strawberry is the best choice as a little bit of sour nicely fits the overall sweetness.
The outer of the cube tastes like wood. A big clap to those that manage to eat it.
We two barely have second bite on it. But great yay from me as i loveeeee the fresh cream so much!

Till the end, thanks for spending time with me for casting, my personal behind the scene lovelies,
my dessert buddy, hear my complain and lastly bare my emo-ness. 

Cookie L

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