What you couldn't let go?

Random thought went running on my head..

Did anyone had something they couldn't let go?
Like some past? Some grudge over something?

I had something that is still stuck in my heart.
There will always be days that i wish i could find ways to solve it.
Ways to stop thinking about it, the jealousy..hmm..ways?

I could only stay strong and tell myself,
there's a much much more happiness ahead of you.
It's only depend how you want to look at it, let go and get through it.

Am i mumbling too much?
Oh there's this day.. I randomly clicked on this hashtag #LifeQuotes on
Instagram and you know if you're account is not private you can view thousand
or maybe millions of photo's that they wrote the hashtag.. and I pass by one of 
this random instagramer post and what she wrote was she wanted to suicide!

So i decided to wrote something about it and talk about how life is important,
there's everyone dead and is born in every second. It's okay if you have no friends
right now.. There will be new friends,

It's okay if nobody love you and even if the loved one's betray you.
Don't kill yourself.'It's not worth it. Nobody is perfect and beautiful,
But if you be confident about yourself, everything would change.

It's okay if there's not much guys like you.
You don't need to be liked by many. In the end, you only
get married to that ONE and only man in your life.

Then I thought, as well as I don't need to be a famous blogger or things like
hey i gave you this free stuff and write about me will ya?
But actually NO.

I do really love writing as it express about myself.
Sometimes i love writing for people, but it depends on the attitude of the someone.

To be honest,
I really feel grateful for those who respect, support, and believe in me.
That's really make me who i am today.

Thank you to you, you, and you.
No matter to the one that leave me, hurts me, bullied me, or the one
still stay by my side supports me through all this year, called me on the phone,
be there on the spot, the one that lend me the shoulder to cry.

Okay this is one creepy blogpost.

I'm gonna end it here.
Had a bad public transport day.


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