How I'm addicted to Korean culture

So here's when i find out I'm addicted to Korean thingy.
It's all started from Korean drama. So you see now days youngster,
been crazy about kpop and kpop stars had rises like crazy now days.
Good for Korea, it's a well known thing right now.

But during my younger times like 5-6 years ago..when i'm in secondary school,
i'm into Korean drama after coming back from the school in the afternoon i'll
watch the tv when i'm having my lunch and rest. That is how i started to watch
the very first Korean drama and my forever favorites which is "Stairways to Heaven".
This drama make me addicted and cry like a crazy woman. I still remember
watching it and cry and tell my mum the second lead actress is so bad and she make me cry.

It was so so so silly right? Last time, korean drama are so so sad and dramatic.
Now days it changed a lot. The second drama that i watch is ''Gong" which i
watch with my mum and i love this drama also. Then so on i watched "My Girl",
and oh oh oh!! "Coffee Prince" also my favorite! I always wish i'll visit the drama set one day.

Imagine all this drama and compare to now, it become slightly different.
Now they concentrate on asking the singers to act and all are like mostly school love drama.
But there's an exception for "My Love from the Stars", "Sensory Couple"and of course
my all time favorite "Master Sun". Make me cry like crazyyyyyyyy.
Okay it could be just me like all these very sad and dramatic drama.

But talking about kpop songs. During my highschool days,
i'll be listening to tvxq songs. But not those shouting, crazy unknown dance steps
and those auto tone kind of live music shows. But instead, i'm into korean songs
when my best friend introduce me and i'm in love with tvxq talented acapella live performance.
There this one of my very first favorite songs of them which is Balloons, then Rising Sun, Hug,
Summer Dream, Mirotic and omg so damn many songs i adore.

Not trying to be so hardcore but each of them are so talented in singing.
Not like now, all the boys and girls group are just showing more and more of their skins,
changing hair style like changing clothes, so much bleach hair.

Not only i like tvxq, i also like bigbang during their Haru Haru song debut and then
Epik High which is the coolest rap group i ever love. I love the song Fan so much!
I'll remember the whole MV forever. It's abit crazy anyway.

Oh then, The Brown Eyed Girls. No crazy show off skin kind of girls group.
Talented and good in singing and not to forget Lee-Hyori and Boa.

This is very much a korean post thing.
I don't know about anyone but this are the facts that makes me want to visit korea.
Oh not to forget their colorful cosmetics and skincare. They drive me crazy.
Can't wait to save lot's of money and visit Korea soon.
Can Korea Tourism sponsor meeeeeeeeeeeee?
I wanted to try a lot of korean food like jjajangmian, tteokbokki is the first korean
snacks i ever tried when i'm 14 years old. There's this korean couple selling
them at my house area and then i started to dine at Korean restaurant.
Just with all those fancy side dishes, I AM DONE

Just soooooo good :)

I'll guess that's it. I'm tired of typing now.
Goodnight. Will visit you soon Seoul.

Cookie L

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