Burberry Brit Rhythm Perfume

Just went for a small shopping spree at Sephora Malaysia and I
think i went a little bit overboard.
Was thinking about purchasing new brush head for my Mia 2 and i
end up buying more than I should.
It's bad when there are promoters that tempt you with their promotions.
You get to carve your name on the perfume no matter what brand you buy.
It was so hard finding your own favorite scent. Okay. Maybe for some of you it's easy.
But i got really really picky about finding that perfect good scent for myself.
I love those that floral type, a glimpse of fruity and last long. 
I should learn how to create my own perfume someday hahaha.
Okay anyway here's what i bought.

Here's my name carved! It's some kind of simple happiness :D

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