Greenhouse by Muir

So i decided to have a quick post about my visit at Greehouse by Muir since
many of my friends been asking around about this place. I had been interested to go this place
after some overwhelming of photo shares about their food and the amazing environment on
the internet so me and Mr.K went there randomly tonight.
( He probably try to make me feel better after I'm mad at him this days.lol )

Btw this place is located just right beside Gleneagles Hospital at Jalan Ampang.
Easily to be spotted. Don't say i didn't tell you this. They only have 8 parking spot in it.

Since it's a quick post, don't mind me if i didn't write much.
Honestly, i'm into the ambiance of this place. It's cozy and nicely designed.

Now food photo? I only got this.

Just a plate of sashimi. The best thing food that they could serve.
Not being super judgemental over here but i always claim myself a food blogger.
But their food it's that appealing to me and it's like a row of lunch set to me.
I try not be a spoiler but you can try and tell me about it.

Here's a small tips.
That's how you dinner gonna look like. No sushi is served at this restaurant.
Not a fancy pansy Japanese food place but oh well.. experience it yourself.
But i'm not lying cuz this place it's really oh-so Instagram-worthy-photos.
Good luck.


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