Merchant Lane @ Jalan Petaling

So you now I'm in a good mood if I'm gonna blog about food twice a week.
Okay maybe I just feel like updating some nice picture on my blog.

There been this very vintage and authentic looking cafe newly opened at Petaling street so
ze B and Me decided to pay a visit on this lazy Sunday.

It's name was Merchant Lane at Jalan Petaling.
Something tell me that their ambiance was really good so i was excited to go.

Guess what? You gotta be kidding me. It's like the whole KL people is there.
There's a long queue up the stairs and lot's of name on the waiting list.
I was told to wait for at least one hour due to the crowd. 

Okay thanks to all of us
Okay nah. Just me creating this statement. But is true. Right?
So then I have this sudden believe that I believe everyone cannot wait for their spot
and they will leave soon or sooner and I have faith I will get a table soon........
Then tadaaaa since everyone left, I get a table after 10-15minutes. Bleh.

So the cafe look like this. They actually been keeping the old walls of the building and kind of
refurnish it into some artsy and modern feel in it.

Can you spot the urine pot on top right? They re-use it for planting. So farney.

This border Menu thingy.
Oh btw talking bout Artsy stuff, it's a good choice they had Frankie magazine.
I loveee Frankie Magazine. Although it's an old issue but oh well. It's okay.

Here's my Rose tea.

Ze B Coffee ( I don't know what coffee cuz I don't care about coffee anyway ;p )

I ordered this Hongkie Beef Stew.
It look so good from other peoples blog so I decided to have a try and it was good.
But it takes quite a while for the food to be served. Thanks to the crowd-lah what else?
The beef portion was actually good enough for me. Now, I'm a big portion eater so yea don't look
down on me and it was actually good enough but however i wish the mash potato can change to rice.
As a typical chinese I still prefer rice over mash potatoes that match my beef stew. Okay deal with it.

Next, B ordered Eat Die Me. ( Funny as it sound it must be huge and filling )
There's are three choice where you can choose chicken / beef / lamb

Somehow this seems pretty normal to me. But I like the side crunchy hash? I don't know.
That's the best. Other than that I felt that this thing doesn't worth RM27.
But B love the poached eggs. Hmm..

Sorry just being honest.

Well other than that I really enjoy visiting this place.
Just maybe not on weekend. Yes not on weekend. But try your luck.

Merchant's Lane KL
First Floor, 150, Jalan Petaling, Off Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur.

Till then, tata.

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