Smoke Resto @ Boracay

Boracay, Malay, Philippines
So talking about Boracay the thing that you should not miss out should be the food right?
In Boracay you could find yourself full with assorted choices at Station 2.
Where there's the D'Talipapa Mall is there. Don't be shock it it's not a mall.
It's just an attraction place. So if you fancy for some local Filipino food i suggest you
to try the Smoke Resto. They have two branch and both at Station 2. 
Just one is at somewhere facing the beach and another one is way behind.

I actually saw a lot good reviews about Smoke Resto before i come to Boracay so i decided
to have it in my to-eat-list. I also wanted to pay a visit at Cyma Restaurant but it was fully booked
on the day i was there. Too bad right? :(

So talking about Smoke Resto, you should really pick a good timing to be there.
Every time i pass by and there is always a long queue and you might have to wait long
as the restaurant was pretty small and crowded.

See how small it is! You may wanna consider sit outside as it get pretty smoky inside.
But well you don't get to choose when it's crowded :p

So this is Beef Salpicao (150 peso )
It's a stir fried beef strips in chilli dark sauce topped with garlic bits.
It's my favorites! Dang i miss it now.The beef was nicely marinated.
I'll recommend ordering this if you can eat beef.

Next this was the Chilli Chicken Rice ( 150 peso )
Nothing special. Just chicken cooked with chilli. Not too spicy.

One could never miss out this Bulalo Soup a.k.a Beef Soup!
Maybe i'm a heavy taste person, the saltiness of the soup really suit me!
But well i felt that somehow Filipino food is a bit too salty for me.
But this soup is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Order this if you're there! You gonna love it!

Now don't miss out this food if you're at Boracay!

Oh and were here for our monthsaryyyy <3

Restaurant details:
D'Mall, Station2 | White BeachAklan Province,Philippines

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