Skincare Haul from Kiehl's Malaysia

It's been a while i never really talk a little bit about my skin regime cuz i didn't take
good care of my own skin :/ I'm like meh.
But until recently, my skin gone really bad and it's lot's of acne breakout.
It was so scary not to exclude the dark spot, blemishes and tons of oil pearl on my nose.
Seriously it was so scary and i look like a crap.

So....... i decided to make it up myself.
Treat my skin nicely and heal it as soon as possible.
This is totally not a sponsored post by Kiehl's. Just my kind of own grandma story here.

I actually received lot's of Kiehl's samples during their previous Kiehl's Heritage roadshow.
I mean samples is good man. They make you get to try on those products before you wanna purchase.

There is one which is this Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate cream.
It's to brighten your under eyes and reduce dark eye circle.
I had tried the sample it was real good stuff. So i actually went to bought this eye cream
the other day and went back home but realize it was spoiled. 
Dark liquid spilled out and im like omfg.


Mina Magazine Japan October 2015

Kiko Mizuhara in Mina magazine Japan 2015 October.
Probably another one of my favorite collections.

Too perfect.



Gogi King @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Okay so this is my another favorite kind of post which is fooooooood.
Since i had started eating clean for a week now, i decided i'll just have to flashback
all them good food in previous month and heck yea it's September now.

So i'm a crazy korean food lover. I crave korean food all the time.
A good side dish make a good bomb, Am i over reacting? Nah.
Believe me, if you never find a good korean food restaurant at KL.
Hop around and try until you found the right one for you.

To me i enjoy a good bbq restaurant and a good korean family restaurant.
The differences was :

A BBQ Restaurant only consist of BBQ ( duh ) plus just choices of
some simple topokki ( Stir Fried Rice-Cake ),
some rolled rices ( assorted selections ) and some pancakes.

Well and a Korean Family Restaurant serves more!
Like from noodle to rice there's so much you can pick!
And not to forget dozens of yummy sides :X I love them so so much.
Especially the anchovies and si ham okay? ( clam )

So today i'm gonna blog about this new BBQ restaurant at Mont Kiara which i visited
recently and it was good. It it wasn't for the overwhelming crowd at Sae Ma Eul
i don't think i'll try another restaurant. I'm some one that would stick with the
same resto that i love until well i'll never get bored of em except... they changed their menu
and my favorite dishes is gone. Then boom.. you lost one of your loyal customer. :X

So Gogi King they served BBG with cheese on it's side! Not to mention the steam eggs as well.
I love the combination of BBQ meats with cheese wrapped with the lettuce.

I ordered pork belly ( RM20 ) as usual and with squids ( RM22 ) following up.
It was pretty late when i had this so i decided to order lesser.

This is how you do it, dip with cheeseeeeeeeeeeee.
Oh don't say i didn't mention. Cheese are refillable with money.

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