Skincare Haul from Kiehl's Malaysia

It's been a while i never really talk a little bit about my skin regime cuz i didn't take
good care of my own skin :/ I'm like meh.
But until recently, my skin gone really bad and it's lot's of acne breakout.
It was so scary not to exclude the dark spot, blemishes and tons of oil pearl on my nose.
Seriously it was so scary and i look like a crap.

So....... i decided to make it up myself.
Treat my skin nicely and heal it as soon as possible.
This is totally not a sponsored post by Kiehl's. Just my kind of own grandma story here.

I actually received lot's of Kiehl's samples during their previous Kiehl's Heritage roadshow.
I mean samples is good man. They make you get to try on those products before you wanna purchase.

There is one which is this Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate cream.
It's to brighten your under eyes and reduce dark eye circle.
I had tried the sample it was real good stuff. So i actually went to bought this eye cream
the other day and went back home but realize it was spoiled. 
Dark liquid spilled out and im like omfg.

But luckily Kiehl's other branches was nice and let me exchange it.
So yea i changed a new one but guess what? After a week they had out a new
improvised version!! URGHH Geram gilerrrr.
Better luck next time. Gonna finish the old one before i get the new one's.
Good news for those that haven buy yet, you get to own the new version.
might could be much better.

So far i like the warm feeling when i tap this eye cream and i really see lesser lines.

Next i got this new facial cleanser.
I was looking a new cleanser for my Mia 2. Previously i been using
Mario Badescu ( Anti-Acne version ). Their products is actually quite good.
I did a lot of reviews from them before i bought it. Plus is it not expensive
as it only available at the US but i get to bought it from Luxola.
But maybe because i felt like there's nothing works on me but for some people,
it works really well on them so yea it's really see how it affects your skin.

This Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser seems like quite popular.
Cuz Mr K had been using it for few years previously. So i'm like why not?
I just started using it for two days and it seems like a cool combo to use with my Mia 2.
Quite clean and it's a gel base if you ask.

The very last of my Kiehl's haul.
Is this Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence!
I mean have you ever felt like using any skin care products and you felt so good the next day?
But how about using it continuously? Felt like it's immune inside right?
Then this product is for you.They say it's an essence that could activate your skin and make it
absorb more. Derrick the skin consultant told me i had a dry forehead and oily skin on my nose.
So it's good that i'll use this to reconstruct the base of my skin.
Hope i could see the difference in one week as it seems to have lot's of positive reviews!
I had been taking pictures of my skin and i will post the reviews out on the next post.

Over all, if you wanna have your skin consults go to the Pavilion branch and find Derrick.
His skin had been glowing like crazy and he knows beauty and lot's of tricks better than woman.
You gonna like him. He got me so many samples!

He even label all of it! So nice of him.
I'm so gonna try it!

Okay so i hope you all love reading this post :)


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