It's The Ship 2015 / Recap

Finally an update on my dead blog.
I was back from a cruise like two weeks ago?
It was like my first time being on a cruise?
Like really really cool. Can you believe stuff like this?
Like you're watching some kind of random videos on Facebook about people
partying on the cruise and stuff like that? Then the next month you're actually doing it?
I know this is super random but shit this is real. Like raving on the middle of the sea for 3 nights?
It was crazy. Super crazy. I feel old and i totally when MIA on certain time just to get some sleep.

Lucky me, I get to won this trip and have the whole room by myself.
Not to forget going with one of my crazy woman and her boyfriend.
Without them, I probably had just gave up on going and i'm not blogging about this right now.

But anyway if you don't know about It's The Ship. You probably missing out a lot.
But hey here's a recap of my trip. 


My sea view room at the end of the ship.

Here's my gang ( Was on the way to another deck for dinner )



Gala dinner nights.

Recap of the people i party with. ( Yes new friends! )

And that's it!


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